The 10 Most Powerful Fertility Crystals + Our Top 3 Bracelet Picks

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crystals for fertility

Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

The road to parenthood is not always quick and easy. Struggling to conceive can be disheartening, stressful, and emotionally draining. If this is the case, don’t despair. Many holistic healing practices can lend a helping hand in addition to a medical plan.

There may not be scientific evidence to back up the healing powers of crystals. Even so, men and women worldwide find comfort and benefits in using fertility crystals to help them navigate this challenging process.

So, if you’re looking for a natural and holistic way to promote fertility, regulate your menstrual cycle, or boost your romantic desire, why not try crystal healing? Read on to discover the best crystals for fertility and pregnancy.

The 10 Best Fertility Crystals

The following gemstones are all known for their ability to enhance fertility, balance intimate energy, and improve the functioning of the reproductive organs.

Quick Picks

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Rose Quartz
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Green Aventurine
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Green Jade
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Smoky Quartz
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Clear Quartz
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Rose Quartz

image 283

The heart chakra stone rose quartz is full of nurturing and compassionate energy, something we need when dealing with painful endocrine disorders or struggling to conceive. Having rose quartz around will help you maintain emotional balance, practice self-love, and self-compassion, and keep a positive mind.

As rose quartz is full of feminine energy, this is believed to be one of the best crystals for fertility for women rather than men. It’s best to wear it on a necklace to sit close to the heart chakra. In addition, place this rose quartz crystal sphere on your bedside table so it continues to fill you with nurturing and positive energy as you sleep.

Green Aventurine

image 282

Green Aventurine is believed to be one of the top fertility crystals as it lowers stress and promotes emotional stability, two essential components to successful conception. Its peaceful energy also promotes a harmonious pregnancy, protecting your emotional well-being throughout the nine months and beyond.

What’s more, aventurine is associated with love and prosperity. Thus, it can bring you luck on your fertility journey and keep your relationship with your partner strong amidst setbacks and challenges. Wear this crystal point necklace for stone-to-skin contact and a close connection to the heart chakra. Then use a raw aventurine stone in your meditation practice when you feel low or discouraged.

Green Jade

image 294

Green Jade is another soothing stone for emotional balance, protection, and good fortune. It is believed to be one of the best fertility crystals to turn to when you start to lose faith, such as after an unsuccessful round of IVF.

Green Jade is associated with long journeys and contains a gentle, spiritual energy that encourages you to trust the universe and believe everything will work out. It can also assist with emotional release so you don’t keep feelings bottled up during this journey.

This simple yet elegant Jade necklace will remind you to stay calm and keep the faith. Moreover, holding this Jade worry stone in the waiting room at the doctor’s will help you cultivate positive thoughts.


image 294 1

Carnelian is said to help cleanse and improve the functioning of all reproductive organs, reducing symptoms of PMS, PCOS, and other fertility issues. Moreover, as the carnelian crystal is linked to the sacral chakra, it aids physical problems and increases romantic desire.

Carnelian stones are a must-have for the bedroom; keep some tumbled stones on the bedside table or a palm stone under your pillow. Moreover, a carnelian crystal tree will bring positive energy into your space, keeping you hopeful.


image 284

Moonstone is believed to be one of the most popular fertility crystals due to its intuitive healing properties for fertility and reproductive issues. This makes it a top choice for anyone seeking a natural way to balance hormones.

One reason for this is its association with the moon cycles, hence the crystal’s name. Moonstone is believed to harvest the moon’s energy, which helps regulate the menstrual cycle (as menstrual cycles are connected to the moon’s).

Believed to bring your cycles back into alignment, ovulation is stimulated, and your body’s energy flow increases. Plus, as moonstone contains yin, feminine energy, it boosts your emotional health and spiritual well-being. Place a moonstone palm stone under your pillow while you sleep to soak up the bright energy of this healing crystal.


image 288

The rare stone Unakite is often found in honeycomb form in the Unakas mountains in North Carolina and Tennessee. While it is not a highly popular crystal in the general crystal healing world, it is a must-have when it comes to fertility.

Unakite is often nicknamed the “Doula stone,” and spiritually-minded midwives choose to carry this stone with them while they work. It is believed to bring a healthy pregnancy and delivery and release fears and worries around birth.

However, the calming energy of this fertility stone also proves beneficial while trying to conceive. It will keep you calm, grounded, and focused on the bigger picture, preventing you from getting caught up in the negative thoughts in your head.

Keep a Unakite pocket stone on your being during your fertility and pregnancy journey. You may also like to place this Unakite angel stone statue on your bedside table to bring you luck in conception and birth.

Smoky Quartz

image 286

The root chakra stone Smoky Quartz is believed to be helpful when trying for a baby and during pregnancy, as it balances your emotions to keep you grounded and centered. It is also anti-anxiety, so it is an ideal fertility crystal to turn to if you feel worries and negative thoughts creeping in.

This is one stone that is just as beneficial for male fertility. Therefore, both partners should wear a smoky quartz crystal bracelet during trying times.

You can also use a crystal wand to direct the stone’s balancing and stabilizing qualities to the reproductive organs. First, point the rod towards the root chakra to promote a sense of calm and centering. Then move it up to the sacral chakra to bring balance to the emotional entry.


image 289

Garnet is believed to be one of the best fertility stones and is said to help break up blockages in the energy centers, including the sacral chakra. This can be helpful when trying for a baby, as energetic blockages can cause reproductive issues or low libido, making what should be an enjoyable and beautiful process a stressful and challenging one.

The best way to use this fertility crystal is by placing it directly above the womb – a palm stone will work best for this. Lay down, put the stone in place, close your eyes, and practice deep breathing; you can also visualize the healing powers of Garnet entering your body and cleansing this area.


image 285

As a highly energetic stone known for its intense power of clearing negative energy, Selenite is easily one of the must-have fertility crystals. This powerful crystal creates a barrier of protection around you and the fetus, keeping you both clear of ill health. Wearing a selenite bracelet will keep these protective energetic properties working at all times as the fertility crystal comes into contact with your skin.

Along with protection, the crown chakra stone selenite carries a calming, clarifying energy to keep your mindset healthy. The rare variety, orange Selenite, also connects with the sacral chakra to bring balance and healing. Thus, you can use an orange selenite wand in reiki or chakra healing sessions.

Clear Quartz

image 290

No fertility crystals list is complete without clear quartz, also known as the master healer. Clear quartz can neutralize negative energy and remove toxins from the body, creating a healthy and pure environment for conception.

You can also use Clear quartz with other fertility crystals to magnify their properties. So, if you have experience with crystal healing, you can combine a few stones on a crystal grid, placing a clear quartz point in the center.

Top 3 Fertility Bracelets

Many women choose to wear fertility jewelry when trying to conceive. These may be necklaces with good luck charms or, more commonly, bead bracelets featuring multiple crystals for fertility. As they combine the healing powers of various gemstones, a fertility bracelet is a top choice if you like to wear crystals.

Here are my top three recommendations:

Mother’s Ray 6-Stone Fertility Bracelet

image 287

This beautiful fertility bracelet features six crystals for fertility; Ruby Zoisite, Green Aventurine, Moonstone, Green Jade, Chrysoprase, and Unakite. Combined, these gemstones boost your emotional and spiritual well-being and remove energy blockages that cause energy-related imbalances.

Wearing this beautiful bracelet daily will keep your inner strength and resilience high while bringing good luck and positivity to your life.

Colorful Bling Fertility Crystal Trio Rope Bracelet

image 294 2

This simple rope bracelet combines three top fertility crystals; Unakite, green aventurine, and sunstone. Unakite is believed to balance the reproductive system, aventurine sends you comfort and compassionate energy, and sunstone keeps you hopeful, promoting a positive attitude.

Amazing Gemstone Fertility Luck & Manifestation Bracelet

image 292

This fertility crystal bead bracelet combines carnelian, Unakite, and rose quartz, which all work together to bring you healing energy and prosperity. Carnelian cleanses the reproductive system and can boost intimate energy, Unakite is believed to enhance fertility and prepare the body for reproduction, and rose quartz inspires love and compassion for yourself and your partner.

The bracelet contains seven beads for each gemstone, and it can be adjusted to fit wrists 7 to 10 inches in diameter.

Other Holistic Ways To Enhance Fertility

If you want to enhance the healing properties of crystals for fertility, combine them with other holistic treatments and practices associated with reproductive health.


image 293

While there is no scientific evidence to prove crystals promote reproductive health, one holistic treatment that is clinically proven is acupuncture. Acupuncture is an ancient Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) technique that involves penetrating the skin with thin, metallic needles to balance and unblock the energy centers.

Several clinical trials have shown that acupuncture can help with reproductive disorders in women, such as ovulatory dysfunction and PCOS. Recent research suggests that acupuncture can adjust and balance hormone levels, enhancing fertility and emotional health.

Essential Oils

image 291

Like crystals, essential oils are known for their wide range of health benefits. There are several essential oils associated with fertility and reproductive health, including:

  • Clary Sage – Clary Sage is believed to help balance estrogen, a vital hormone for conceiving. It is also an emmenagogue and uterine stimulant, promoting menstruation in women with PCOS or irregular periods.
  • Sandalwood Oil – Sandalwood oil is said to be beneficial for enhancing fertility in both men and women. It is mainly known for its ability to increase testosterone in men and boost the intimate energy of both partners.
  • Geranium – Geranium is also known for improving hormonal imbalances and helping to regulate a woman’s cycle. It also carries a calming energy to reduce stress and anxiety, promoting inner peace and physical vitality.


image 290

There are also several natural supplements believed to assist in the fertility journey.

  • Folate – Folate (vitamin B-9) is essential in early pregnancy, as pregnant women are recommended to take this supplement to reduce the risk of severe birth defects. However, studies have found that it is equally beneficial for conception, increasing your chances of conceiving. For example, one study found that adequate folate levels are essential for fertilization and implantation.
  • Maca – This plant supplement is known for boosting fertility and treating infertility problems. Natives of the Andes mountains (where maca is grown) have used maca as a fertility aid for centuries. Maca can also boost fertility in both men; one study found the supplement may improve sperm concentration.
  • Bee Propolis – One clinical trial found that women with endometriosis who took bee propolis twice a day had a 40 percent greater chance of becoming pregnant (after nine months) than those who did not. Aside from helping with fertility issues, bee propolis has many other health benefits. It is believed to be anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, and antibacterial.

Final Thoughts On Crystals For Fertility

Adding some of these ten best crystals for fertility to your daily life can help keep you calm and centered during this challenging process. In addition, they can aid in directly cleansing and balancing the reproductive system, creating a tranquil and healthy body and mind.

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