What Does Yoga Help With? The Top 6 Ways Yoga Helps

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If you find yourself thinking and doing the most absurd things – such as focusing on a fly on the wall for too long, or wondering why salmon is different colors or squinting for no reason at all, chances are that you may need to calm your mind and give it the mental gift of yoga.

While yoga may seem too much of an effort to you in the beginning, it truly is worth the effort you put into it. This is because not only is it easy to get the hang of it if you practice regularly, it is very rewarding in the long run as well. 

The following are a few benefits of yoga that help your body and mind:

1. Yoga helps with back pain

If you sit at your desk on a daily basis, chances are that you must experience a lot of back pain, pain in your shoulders and your neck. This happens primarily due to bad posture and yoga actually helps you better your posture. Not only does that help you solve most of your body pains, it also helps your body relax. By building core strength, it allows you to consciously maintain your posture even when you aren’t practicing.


2. Yoga makes you aware of your body

While practicing yoga, you use a number of muscles in your body due to the need of having to build form. This allows you to truly be aware of the muscles and joints in your body and how they align together. This body awareness allows you to consider and put thought into other aspects of your life which includes your overall lifestyle, eating habits, and sleeping patterns.

3. Yoga helps you breath

The sync and calm one experiences while practicing yoga is unmatchable. With every stretch that individuals hold, they also have to hold in their breath and this comes up to be a very good breathing exercise. Not only does yoga open up your diaphragm while breathing, it also makes them and your lungs stronger in the process. 

4. Yoga improves your mood

Yoga helps in improving your mood through a number of ways. The combination of breathing exercises and body movements promotes the production of certain hormones in your body that help uplift your mood. In addition to that, yoga has health benefits associated with improving your mental health and treating depression and anxiety, which further adds to improving your mood.

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5. Yoga helps improve your heart health

Yoga has a number of benefits associated with your heart health and it helps decrease risk of cardiovascular diseases in the long run. Since yoga helps you regulate your blood pressure and heart rate, it contributes to improving your heart health.

6. Yoga helps promote bodily balance

Since a number of poses in yoga require you to balance your body, in the long run yoga helps you maintain stability in your body and posture. This reduces the risk associated with issues in mobility in one’s old age, arthritis and inactivity.

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