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  1. Skylar Williams
    Skylar Williams at |

    I like your idea to have a trusted friend attend your yoga class and give honest feedback. My sister has been thinking of becoming a restorative yoga instructor and we are looking up tips together so that she can be a great teacher. I think she will definitely give this tip a try as well as take a training course.

    1. Anne
      Anne at |

      Great! I’m so glad it was helpful. Using trusted friends is a great way to gain valuable feedback and insight.

  2. Cindy
    Cindy at |

    I recorded and then later “took my own class” so to speak. I kind of dreaded it, but was surprised to find how helpful it turned out to be. I mean yes, there were several “OMG, I’m such a dork!” Moments, but overall I was pleasantly surprised at how all the stuff in my head really isn’t spilling out into the class. I did find some over used fillers (I think I used “slowly and gently” like 85 times!!) and a few poses that I could probably cue more clearly. I now recommend this to all my teacher friends!

    1. Brandon
      Brandon at |

      Love it, thanks for sharing!


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