How to Meditate and Manifest to Call In Your Dream Life

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How to Meditate and Manifest

A manifestation meditation is a meditation that is specifically designed to harness the power of your mind- your positive thoughts and emotions – to align you with your dreams and desires. The disciplined practice of manifestation meditation raises your vibrational frequency and makes you a magnet for all that you seek.

Are you ready to shed unconscious self-limiting beliefs?

Are you ready to walk in alignment with your higher self?

Are you ready to learn how to harness the power of your mind to call in your deepest desires?

Yes? Good! We will dive into how to use manifestation meditation to do all that in the rest of this article.

Foundational Work for Manifestation Meditation

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The practice of manifestation is getting a lot of attention lately. From podcasts like Manifestation Babe and Modern Manifestation to countless books like How the Secret Changed My Life, The Source, Abundance Now, Good Vibes Good Life, and Super Attractor anyone can learn how to incorporate manifestation into their daily practice.

But what exactly is it? Can you really just think your dream life into existence?

Simply put, yes.

Manifestation is the practice of harnessing the power of the mind, of your positive thoughts, to turn your dreams into reality. That might sound simple, but if you have ever tried meditating before, you know that it is deceivingly difficult.

The mind is a powerful tool, perhaps the most powerful on this earth. Most of us walk around with minds that are wholly untrained. They were and are subject to the involuntary conditioning of the society we live in. Meaning, without being conscious of it, we have agreed to live by the code set out for us by our parents, schools, churches, and lawmakers.

Our all powerful tool is being used in ways we never agreed to, to ensure we live in ways that we never agreed on. Go to college, settle down with a spouse, climb the corporate ladder, have children. Only look out for yourself. Suppress your emotions. Conform to the status quo.

Of course, we must learn to live in harmony within our society to an extent. But the conditioning goes far beyond that. Unless you intentionally wake up, you live in a fog. An autopilot state of being where you are limited by shame and guilt and the weight of meaningless responsibilities and expectations.

Before you can simply snap your fingers and create magic in your life, you have to wake up. You have to become aware of the fog you live in. You have to shed the agreements you never consciously made. This is strenuous and scary work.

Only then can you be free enough to harness your mind and your thoughts to create your dream life through manifestation meditation.

What Is Manifestation?

The verb ‘manifest’ means, “to make evident or certain by showing or displaying.” So it literally means to bring something to life through belief. Manifesting is an age-old concept dating back to ancient Hindu and Buddhist scriptures. Currently, manifestation has hit the mainstream and people are using it to invite wealth and love into their lives.

Although many use manifestation to ask for more in their life, a manifestation meditation practice should be grounded in gratitude, trust in the universe, and belief in your own power.

In short, manifestation can be broken into these steps:

  1. Practice gratitude
  2. Shift to an abundance mindset
  3. Envision your dream life
  4. Take inspired and intentional action
  5. Be Patient
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Practice Gratitude

Manifesting should start with being grateful for what you already have. From there, you can begin to shift your mindset and imagine everything that is possible for you. Here is the part where trusting the universe and stepping into your own power come into play.

Shift to an Abundance Mindset

Trust that whatever is out there for you will come into your life when it is ready for you, and when you are ready for it. Shift into an abundance mindset, instead of a scarcity mindset. With an abundance mindset, you believe that there is plenty out there- whether it be opportunity, money, friendship, love, travel, or happiness- for you and for everyone else.

Take Inspired and Intentional Action

Notice that trusting the universe requires action on your part, that which you seek will come to you when you are ready for it. Intentional and inspired action is the most important and overlooked step of manifestation.

Manifestation is more than thinking about what you want, it is using your thoughts to guide your actions. Preparing yourself for what the universe has in store for you, and calling it into your life requires inspired action as an invitation. What are small actionable steps you can take toward your dream life? Use gratitude, your new abundance mindset, and guided imagery to help you make a plan and work towards your goals.

Be Patient

Last, you must be patient. Manifestation is magic. But it is not a quick fix overnight magic. It is slow magic that is developed over time with discipline, consistency, and trust.

What Is Meditation?

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Manifestation is a type of meditation. As your meditation practice grows stronger, you can invite more powerful manifestations.

Meditation is an ancient practice used by religions and traditions all around the world. Some examples of meditation traditions and techniques include Buddhist, Christian, guided meditation, Osho, Sufi, Taoist, Transcendental, and Yoga.

In general, meditation, “is a practice that involves focusing or clearing your mind using a combination of mental and physical techniques.” There are many health benefits of meditation including reducing anxiety and stress.

Only recently has modern science begun to study and understand how meditation works. EEG and fMRI scans show the benefits of meditation within the brain.

When in a meditative state, subjects can experience a reduction of high beta waves, which are associated with significant stress, paranoia, anxiety, and arousal. Or, more simply put, your fight or flight response.

Eventually, advanced practitioners not only experience that reduction of high beta waves, but they will also develop stronger alpha waves. Alpha waves are what are commonly referred to as the “flow state” when your brain is calm, yet alert.

The transformation of these brain waves is the scientific explanation for the healing energy of meditation.

Here are some tips to start your own daily meditation practice:

  1. Do your research and have fun exploring the different types and traditions of meditation
  2. Pick just one you like (for now) and stick to it
  3. Set aside protected time in your day for your meditation session
  4. Find a calm and quiet place for your meditation- whether you are sitting, lying down, or walking
  5. Find a teacher or community who can help you grow in your meditation practice

How Meditation Helps You Manifest

Meditation can facilitate a mystical experience for you. A disciplined meditation practice can result in a spiritual awakening where you find more joy in life, you feel a sense of union with others, and you feel connected to your higher purpose.

Over time, meditation can help shut down your default mode network. Or, at least, give you a break from it. The default mode network is involved in mind-wandering, mental time travel to the future, and rumination. For most people, it is engaged 33-50% of the time. Meaning, you might be spending half of your conscious thought energy (remember your all-powerful tool) on negative thoughts. That is a lot of wasted energy.

Learning to intentionally turn off the default mode network, even just for a few minutes at a time, can have significant effects on your waking life. Meditation can provide the mental energy, the physical space in your brain, and the clarity to manifest your dreams and desires.

Manifestation meditations harness the power of positive affirmations and visualization using focus, intuition, and flow.

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Positive Affirmations

Affirmations are a phrase or set of words that are uplifting, encouraging, and aligned with your desires. With repetition, they can help shift your mindset so that you actually believe that what you want is attainable and that you deserve it.

You can say the affirmation out loud during your meditation. You can also write it daily in your journal. Repeat it to yourself silently throughout the day. You cannot overdo your affirmation. Enjoy the positive emotions that wash over you when you are connecting to your positive affirmation.

Some examples of affirmations for your manifestation meditation could be:

  • I attract money to myself. Money flows easily and abundantly.
  • I set boundaries that serve me. I protect myself before pleasing others.
  • I am focused and prepared for my exam. I pass my exam easily because I worked hard and studied.
  • I am lovable and deserving of a partner who cherishes me and appreciates me.
  • I have the power to create my dream life. I am the architect of my life. Everything I want is on its way to me.

Affirmations are firm. They are rooted in the potential reality of the statement. Often they are worded as if the desire already is reality, as in the exam example. Or, they are reminders of what you want and deserve and are capable of.

Imagine if you spent 33-50% of your mental energy on positive affirmations instead of ruminations.


Guided imagery and visualizations are cornerstones of manifestation meditation. Focused visualization allows you to tap into your intuition and see in your mind’s eye what you truly desire. Many guided meditation sessions will prompt you to go through a day in your dream life. You will visualize everything from what the room looks like when you wake up, who you wake up next to, the rest of your surroundings, the people you interact with, and what you do throughout the day.

The key is to not only picture everything in your mind, but to feel it. Feel what it actually is like to be living as your highest self. This feeling is what allows you to connect even deeper to your desires. And you will receive clarity about exactly what you want and how to get there.

Law of Attraction

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We can’t talk about manifestation meditation without talking about the law of attraction. At its most basic level, the law of attraction is the idea that like attracts like. If you are sad, pessimistic, angry, and negative then you are going to get more of that negative energy right back. If you are positive, hopeful, and confident then your vibrational frequency is high and you are in receiving mode.

What does this have to do with manifestation? Well, everything. If you want to attract good people, opportunities, health, and material wealth then you need to align the vibrations you are putting out into the universe with those goals.

Manifestation meditation is an effective way to raise your vibrations and align yourself in such a way that the universe knows you are ready for all of the abundance coming your way.

Manifestation Meditations

You can learn to manifest anything into your life. Some of the most popular manifestation meditations focus on health, love, and abundance.

Manifesting love can be anything from wanting to connect deeply to a platonic friend to calling in your future spouse. Manifesting abundance could be seeking out more opportunities for travel or calling in more material wealth.

Whatever it is you are seeking, make sure to get very specific with it. These guided meditations can help with our manifestation meditation practice.

Guided Meditation for Manifesting Health

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Prepare yourself in a comfortable seated position and begin to connect to your breath.

Begin your meditation session with a body scan. Working from the top of your head all the way down to your toes. Check-in with each part of your body. What areas feel relaxed? What areas are tense or in pain?

Now, focus your awareness on one part of your body that is in pain, that you want to feel more healthy. Perhaps it is your neck, there is too much tension. Perhaps it is your foot from an old injury. Perhaps it is your stomach due to GI issues.

Whatever it is, bring all of your awareness to that area. Imagine that as you inhale a little bubble of space is created around the area. As you exhale, you fill that space with a warm glowing light.

Continue this visualization for 5-10 minutes. With every inhale the bubble around the pain grows larger, and with every exhale that space fills with warm glowing light.

Continue until you can truly feel that area glowing with warmth. Send all of your compassion to that area. When you are ready, with one final large exhale, visualize the bubble bursting. All of the warm light floods the pain and washes it away and out of your body.

You can repeat this method as many times as you like on different areas of your body.

Guided Meditation for Manifesting Love

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Begin by sitting in a comfortable seat. Deepen your breath. Rub your palms together quickly, to create heat between the hands. Taking a deep inhale press your palms into your heart space, warming up and opening your heart chakra.

Imagine you are waking up in the morning. You feel rested and radiant. You roll over to face your partner, they are already awake. You both break into a big smile, eyes ablaze with the glory of the bright sunny morning and the love you share.

You feel safe. You feel warm. You are bursting with gratitude.

You get out of bed and go through your usual morning routine. What does your routine look like? In what ways are you a team, and in what ways are you independent?

You say your farewells as you head out the door. Your partner makes you feel strong and confident as you head out into your day. How do you communicate when you are apart? What do you need from them?

You get home from work and you are tired from your day. Your partner knows exactly what you need. You have a harmonious, symbiotic relationship that serves you both.

Continue reflecting on how your relationship makes you feel. Take that feeling out into the world, and be ready to share it widely.

Guided Meditation for Manifesting Abundance with Success

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Being to deepen your breath and close your eyes. Bring a goal you have clearly into your mind’s eye. Whether it is succeeding at an interview or audition, performing at an event, giving birth, or completely a large project.

Clearly visualize the most ideal outcome. Repeat to yourself, “I am capable of this outcome. I have worked hard and prepared. I will succeed.”

Imagine the rush of endorphins when it is complete and when you know it was a success.


What is the difference between manifestation and meditation?

Manifesting is knowing what you truly want and calling it in. Meditation is a deep focus to gain a deeper understanding.

How do beginners meditate?

It is most important for beginners to acknowledge the wandering thoughts that come up during meditation and not become frustrated or discouraged by them.

What is the difference between manifesting and praying?

At their core they are the same. Clear your mind, pray to your god, and visualize your blessings.

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