How Mindfulness Can Impact Your Yoga Business

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Mindfulness is a household term these days. It’s popularity is on the rise at a rapid pace.

And for good reason…it encourages people to slow down, be more present and pay attention. It’s just the respite we need from a society that rewards “busy-ness” and the “doing” mentality.

The impact of mindfulness extends beyond borders and infects populations of all kinds. You may have noticed the adoption of mindfulness in the corporate workplace, in hospitals and clinics, treatment facilities, airports, even on digital traffic signs! Need I say, #trending?!

How Mindfulness Can Impact Your Yoga BusinessPin me first? Then keep reading! 🙂

Like anything new, it may take some convincing…and a dedicated practice to begin to reap the rewards. Even as yoga teachers who likely more easily adopt the idea of mindfulness, we could use subtle reminders from time to time.

Bu once it becomes a habit, it will spill over into everything you do and its effects will be long lasting!

Allowing it to spill over into your yoga business can have a big impact on your success. Today we’re discussing tips on how to incorporate it into your lifestyle and business as well as highlight the ways in which it will impact your business.

Take a deep breath, and let’s dive in!


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What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness can be defined as being fully present with whatever we are tending to in that moment, not overly reactive or overwhelmed by what’s happening around us. Mindfulness is paying attention and being attentive to the present moment.

It can be considered a technique of meditation.

We can practice mindfulness in everything we do; cooking, washing the dishes, talking with a friend, bathing, commuting, working on a project, etc.

Why does it matter? When we are able to incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives, we are able to show up more fully to each moment, without the distraction of the past or future. It allows us to deeply immerse ourselves in the task at hand. This teaches us to engage fully, be present, and learn deeply.


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How to Incorporate Mindfulness Every Day


Thankfully, for yoga teachers, mindfulness isn’t a new concept to wrap our heads around. But, it is one that may need a nudge every so often to remember how to incorporate it into your life.

When we are being mindful in our daily lives, this will inevitably spill over into our work lives.

Mindfulness begins with YOU!

While spending time on your yoga mat is a great place to practice mindfulness, learning to channel that into activities off the mat is key.

Here are several ways to begin to use mindfulness in your everyday life. Once you begin to become more mindful in what you do everyday, you’ll notice how it impacts your business positively too!


  • Nourish Your Body. Perhaps this sounds obvious, but your diet is often the first to go when you get busy. As yoga entrepreneurs, it’s easy to want to focus all our time and attention on growing our business. If you’re eating poorly, this will reflect in everything you do; the way you sleep, feel and operate. Treating yourself to specific brain foods and other healthy fuel, will help you create a thriving business! Your mind is as important as your body when it comes to food! Be more mindful in the way you fill yourself up with food. This seemingly small decision can have a major impact on your business.


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  • Breathe. When we are stressed, our breath is shallow and rests in our chest. By introducing belly breathing into our daily regimen, we stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system and induce feelings of relaxation and calm. Start by taking just a few breaks each day for deep belly breathing, with your full attention on the breath and sensations in your body. By making this a habit, you invite more mindfulness into your day.


  • Get Adequate Rest. We can all think of a time when we were tired and cranky… In those moments of exhaustion, we aren’t our best selves. By getting enough sleep each night, we are able to function more optimally all around, which will impact all parts of our business. We are able to make better decisions, critically think, and be more flexible.


But when? Being on a routine schedule for eating and sleeping can have major benefits for your overall well-being, so keep it up! Having a more acute awareness of how you do these things, as mentioned above, will teach you mindfulness.

Mindfulness happens at all times of the day!

Try it! Next time you brush your teeth, focus your complete attention on the bristles against your teeth, cleaning and removing plaque and build-up. Feel the sensation of the toothpaste against your tongue and tastebuds. Be nowhere else but in that moment. And, take your time. 🙂


Ways Mindfulness Can Impact Your Business

Mindfulness Picture

Once you’re able to understand how to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life, you’ll begin to see how your adoption of this simple task can have a big impact on your business growth and success. By introducing mindfulness in your life, your business will be impacted in many ways:

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  • Sharpens your focus
  • Communicate more effectively under stress
  • Increases productivity
  • Helps you remain present
  • Deeper engagement in the task at hand
  • Better output of work
  • More efficient with your precious time
  • Reduces work-induced anxiety


What about mindfully, FINALLY, creating that yoga website…? 😉




I don’t know about you, but adopting mindfulness seems like a simple (not to mention FREE!) way to greatly impact my overall business AND life. No brainer!

Still want help? There’s an app for that! Check out MindFi, a free app to help you incorporate mindfulness throughout your day, no matter what the activity!

Drop me a line and let me know where you currently fall on the mindfulness scale, 0 (barely mindful) – 10 (mindfulness is my middle name!).

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How Mindfulness Can Impact your Yoga Business

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