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Breathing Necklace

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Did you know it is estimated we take around 23,000 breaths a day!?

I know what you’re thinking… that seems like a lot; how can it be possible?

The truth is most of these 23,000 breaths are totally unconscious. We rarely notice we are breathing; thus, it would be impossible to accurately predict how many breaths we took yesterday.

Our breath is a beautiful gift that can do so much for us. Yes, breathing keeps us alive, but did you know that focusing on our breath can reduce stress and anxiety?

However, we can only experience the calming, relaxing effect of breathing when we do it consciously. Thus, if you’re looking for a way to deal with your highly stressful life, the answer could be as simple as breathing mindfully.

But how do you do that? One of the easiest ways to cultivate more conscious breathing throughout the day is with a simple but innovative device known as a breathing necklace.

This is much more than a pretty piece of jewelry; let’s explore how an anxiety necklace could improve your life and how to use it. I’ll also share my favorite breathing necklaces that you can buy online.

What Is A Mindful Breathing Necklace?

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A breathing necklace is a small tool you wear around your neck and use throughout the day. The unique piece of jewelry looks like a metal whistle with a stylish but minimalistic design to suit all types of outfits.

A breathing necklace teaches proper breathing techniques by prompting you to breathe deeply and slowly rather than taking quick, shallow breaths.

It was created by Todd and Vanessa Steinberg, inspired by the 17th-century Japanese Komuso monks. These monks would “blow zen” into bamboo shakuhachi flutes to achieve inner peace. So Todd and Vanessa took this concept and created a smaller, more practical mindfulness tool.

Benefits Of Breathing Necklaces

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A breathing necklace is a wonderful tool for anyone who suffers from anxiety, leads a stressful life, or wants a gentle but constant reminder to be more mindful and present. Using a mindful breathing necklace regularly has many benefits, such as lowering blood pressure and regulating the nervous system.

Aside from being extremely calming, deep breathing has also been shown to increase energy levels. This is because when you consciously start breathing slower, you increase the amount of fresh oxygen and nutrients in your body and brain. The oxygen spreads to all your cells, helping all your organs and brain function optimally.

The 6 Best Breathing Necklaces

Here are six anxiety necklaces we absolutely love!

  1. Best Premium Pick – KOMUSO Classic Shift Breathing Necklace
  2. Best Budget Pick – YANCHUN Anxiety Relief Necklace
  3. Best Eco-Friendly Pick – Stress Straws 3-Pack Mindful Breathing Straw Necklaces
  4. Best For Men – Lūft Japanese Anxiety Necklace
  5. Best For Women – Moksha Rose Gold Anxiety Whistle Necklace
  6. Most Unique Pick – XYQ Breathing Necklace With Faith Tag & Meditation Bracelet

Best Premium Pick – KOMUSO Classic Shift Breathing Necklace

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The Komuso Classic Shift is the original anxiety necklace. It was designed by a psychotherapist to help you activate the vagus nerve and, thus, calm your nervous system. This stress relief tool allows you to slow your exhale to 8 seconds and make conscious breathing part of your daily routine.

The Komuso shift necklace is made with medical grade 316 stainless steel and is available in four colors; silver, gold, rose gold, and matte slate. It is also made from recycled materials and is extra durable, corrosion-resistant, and water-proof.

The sound the mouthpiece makes when you exhale is very quiet, on the same level as a whisper. This means you can use it discreetly in public without it drawing attention. The metal chain comes in two lengths; 25 and 28 inches. What makes it unique and special is that the words “be still” are engraved in the pendant in Japanese, honoring the zen monks that inspired the product.

The Komuso Shift may be the most expensive anxiety necklace on the market. Still, it is also one of the highest quality. They also offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, so if you don’t think it’s worth the price tag, you can get a full refund.

Best Budget Pick – YANCHUN Anxiety Relief Necklace

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If you want to try this breathing tool but would rather avoid splashing out on The Komuso Shift, you’ll be pleased to know there are many low-cost alternatives like this one by Yanchun.

The mouthpiece is 2 inches long and quiet to use. The chain is adjustable in length, and the necklace has an overall minimalistic style, as there is no engraving or logo on the pendant. You can choose from silver, black, or gold. There are also different package options, such as the necklace with a beautiful bracelet or ring for just a couple of dollars more.

It is not the highest quality breathing necklace, but for the price, it’s excellent value for money. It is ideal for both men and women looking for an aid to bring more focus to their breath and cultivate more mindfulness into their day.

Best Eco-Friendly Pick – Stress Straws 3-Pack Mindful Breathing Straw Necklaces

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This is one of my favorite breathing necklaces as it is truly unique and the most eco-friendly option available. Unlike all others, the Stress Straws necklace is not made from metal; instead, it is produced using natural, biodegradable bamboo reeds.

The natural material is strong and doesn’t crack or chip easily, yet it is lightweight, so you’ll hardly feel it around your neck. It is an excellent alternative to stainless steel necklaces if you’re worried about putting metal close to your mouth. The Stress Straws necklace is non-toxic and non-BPA, and of course, fully biodegradable.

The straw pendant is attached to a simple black cord with a hitch knot design. It may not look as fashionable as the others, but if your style is ‘nature-inspired,’ you’ll surely love it. It comes as a set of three, so you can share them with your friends or keep the others as spares. You’ll also get a free digital download with 10 breathing exercises upon purchase.

Best For Men – Lūft Japanese Anxiety Necklace

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The Luft anxiety necklace is a top choice for men as it has a shiny black, masculine design with unique engraved artwork. However, it’s not just fashionable; it is also one of the highest-quality necklaces for a reasonable price.

The pendant and chain are made from medical-grade stainless steel, resulting in a durable, corrosion-free necklace that will last a long time. The mouthpiece is designed for optimal exhaling with a 4mm opening and quiet sound. The pendant is 2 inches long, and the chain can be adjusted from 24 to 27 inches.

If you’re not buying this one for yourself, consider giving it to a loved one. It comes in a beautiful black gift box with a stylish, high-quality storage pouch.

Best For Women – Moksha Rose Gold Anxiety Whistle Necklace

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This beautiful rose gold necklace by Moksha is visually stunning and top quality. It is made from durable 316-grade stainless steel, engineered with a proprietary in-house plating process that is lead and nickel-free.

The pendant features a split flow air pathway to provide the ideal resistance for your exhalation. The Moksha logo is engraved on the pendant, and the chain color matches perfectly. The chain length is 24 inches and comes in a stylish box for safekeeping.

Moksha also includes access to its meditation app as part of the package. The app is like having a personal meditation teacher in your pocket, as you can do over 1000 breathing exercises with or without the necklace.

Most Unique Pick – XYQ Breathing Necklace With Faith Tag & Meditation Bracelet

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If you like eye-catching and unique jewelry, you’ll adore the XYQ necklace, which has a pretty tag hanging from the pendant with the word ‘faith.’ The stainless steel necklace is available in several metallic colors, including a vibrant blue and multi-colored, which is the most eye-catching.

It is not only the style that is different; the mouthpiece also has a unique square design instead of the usual rounded straw shape. This hides the fact that you’re wearing an anxiety necklace and makes it appear more like a classic piece of jewelry than a stress-relief tool.

Another highlight is that it comes with a stylish Obsidian meditation bracelet. This helps clear negative emotions and balances your energies, making you feel calm and at ease.

What Are The Uses Of A Breathing Necklace?

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You can use a breathing necklace to help you navigate stressful situations like dealing with a heavy workload or getting stuck in a traffic jam. In addition, just a few minutes of breathing through it can help calm your nerves in situations that cause anxiety, such as preparing for a meeting or job interview.

Some people also get breathing necklaces as an aid to quit smoking as it can help to deal with intense cravings and shift your focus away from them.

Of course, a breathing necklace is also a wonderful tool to use in your morning or evening routine to help you connect to the present moment. Many people who find meditation challenging prefer to use a simple tool like this, which makes focusing on conscious breathing effortless.

Because it is worn as a necklace, it is designed to be used throughout the day. Its purpose is to be there whenever you need to reduce stress, relieve anxiety, or take a break from your fast-paced life.

Anxiety Necklace Breathing Techniques

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So how do you use a breathing necklace? First, you deeply inhale through your nose until your stomach is full of air. Then, you place your lips around the mouthpiece and slowly exhale into the tool.

However, it’s important not to blow into the mouthpiece or forcefully exhale. It should be natural and gradual. You’ll know you’re correctly exhaling if you hear “a low tone.” If you’re blowing into it, you’ll hear a “high-pitched whistle.”

There are several breathing techniques you can use with a breathing necklace. Here are a few common ones:

  • Inhale for a count of 4, exhale for a count of 4 – This is a great technique to start with and get familiar with conscious breathing.
  • Inhale for 4, hold for 4, exhale for 4, hold for 4 – Known as box breathing, a widely used breathing technique that has even been used by the United States Navy SEALs.
  • Inhale for 4 seconds, and exhale for 6 to 10 seconds – Making the exhale longer than the inhale increases the calming and de-stressing effects. This is a great technique to use when you’re feeling anxious as it promotes parasympathetic nervous system functioning (rest and digest mode).

Depending on where you are, it may be beneficial to close your eyes when using your breathing necklace. Moreover, bring awareness to the movement of your belly – you can place one hand over it if you like. As you inhale, your stomach should expand, filling up like a balloon. As you exhale, the belly naturally falls and draws back in.

Some people like to mentally recite calming words while using their breathing necklace. For example, you can repeat “calm” as you breathe in and “peace” as you breathe out.

You can take this further by using visualization. For example, I like to visualize a sense of calm and peace washing over me as I inhale and envision all stress and worries leaving my body and mind when I exhale. Combining deep breathing with a visualization technique like this for as little as two minutes can profoundly affect your mental state and emotions!

Final Thoughts On Breathing Necklaces

Breathing necklaces are an innovative product that looks like jewelry yet has several benefits to your well-being. They serve as a reminder to connect to the present moment, help you relax when stressed or anxious, and teach you to cultivate conscious, deep breathing. Thus, if you want a simple yet effective way to manage stress and anxiety, this is it!

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