Bed Yoga: My Top Poses for Flexibility and Calm Mornings

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Key Takeaway

Engaging in bed yoga in the morning offers a serene and convenient way to blend mindfulness and movement into your routine. It allows for gentle stretching and relaxation right from the comfort of your bed, setting a positive tone for the day ahead.

Ever wondered how to hit the snooze button on stress before even getting out of bed? That’s where bed yoga comes in—my secret morning weapon. It’s not your typical downward dog; it’s a series of stretches and poses tailored for the coziness of your covers.

I’ve found that starting my day with these gentle movements sets a relaxing tone for what lies ahead, offering both peace of mind and a wake-up call—all without needing to set foot on a yoga mat.

Understanding Bed Yoga and Its Benefits

Stress Reduction

stress reduction with the practice of bed yoga

The soothing nature of bed yoga also tackles stress. Each pose encourages deep breathing, which helps lower anxiety levels. In my experience, taking just ten minutes after I wake up for some mindful stretching has dramatically lessened my daily stress.


One of the best parts about bed yoga is its accessibility. You don’t have to be an expert yogi or incredibly flexible; anyone can do these movements. My uncle started doing it at 60 years old, and he loves how easy it is on his joints.

Whether you’re dealing with physical limitations or are new to exercise, bed yoga is inclusive and adaptable for all fitness levels.

Bed Yoga Poses That You Can Practice

Morning Yoga Poses for a Refreshing Start

Gentle Stretching

Bed yoga is perfect for gentle stretching. It helps wake up your body without too much strain. One easy pose is the Supine Twist. While lying on your back, lift one leg to your chest and then slowly rotate to the other side. Hold for a few breaths. This helps a lot with back pain relief.

Another great stretch is the Child’s Pose. Fold forward until your forehead meets the bed while sitting on your heels with your knees apart. You can hold your arms out in front of you or at your sides.

Relaxation Poses

For relaxation, try poses that calm the mind and relieve tension. Savasana, or Corpse Pose, is my personal favorite before sleep; I lie flat with my palms facing up and breathe deeply for several minutes.

Morning Energizers

Including bed yoga in your daily practice will help you start the day off well. The Cat-Cow Stretch increases spinal flexibility by having you alternate between rounding and arching your spine while on all fours.

I find that starting the morning with some gentle bed yoga gives me an energy boost.

Unlocking Hip Flexibility with Gentle Stretches

Hip Openers

Bed yoga offers a comfy spot for hip openers. These stretches work well on a soft surface. They target the hips, helping to ease tightness.

I find that certain poses are just perfect before sleep or right after waking up. One of my favorites is the butterfly stretch. I lie down, press the soles of my feet together, and let my knees fall outward. It’s gentle yet effective for loosening up.

Another go-to move is Reclined Pigeon Pose. While lying back, I cross one ankle over the opposite knee and gently pull toward me. This not only works wonders for hip flexibility but also feels incredibly relaxing.

Alleviating Stiffness

Long hours of sitting can make our hips stiff and sore. Bed yoga includes stretches that help alleviate this discomfort.

For more focused hip stretching, I sometimes do Wind Relieving Pose by hugging both knees to the chest and rocking gently side to side; it helps enhance hip mobility as well as soothe digestion issues, which is a bonus!

Mastering Belly Breathing for Inner Calmness

Diaphragmatic Practice

diaphragmatic breathing in bed

When I pay attention to my breathing, I’ve come to realize that my emotions can change. In yoga, diaphragmatic breathing is an essential procedure that loosens up the sensory system. Profound breathing makes the stomach dive, increasing the lung limit and empowering you to take in more air.

Additionally, the vagus nerve is stimulated by this method of breathing. It’s similar to telling yourself to calm down. When I practice this, it feels like hitting a reset button inside me.

Yoga Integration

Incorporating belly breaths into my bed yoga routine has been transformative. As I transition from hip stretches to focusing on my breathing, I lay flat on the bed’s surface and place one hand on my stomach. This simple act makes me aware of each breath.

As I breathe slowly through my nose, feeling my belly rise under my hand brings a sense of relaxation, not just physically but mentally as well. The relaxing effect deepens with every exhale.

Mindful Impact

The impact of deep breathing on the mind is profound. After several rounds of belly breathing, there’s an undeniable peace that settles over me—a quietness within despite any outside noise or stress.

It’s amazing how something as basic as changing how we breathe can alter our state of mind so significantly. For anyone looking to find calm and tranquility through bed yoga, mastering this technique is essential.

Rejuvenating the Mind with Legs Up the Wall Pose

leg up wall

Refreshing Circulation

After mastering belly breathing, I find Legs Up the Wall Pose to be a fantastic next step. The pose reverses the direction of blood flow in the veins, which helps to reduce swelling in the feet and relieve tired leg muscles.

Mental Clarity

The beauty of this restorative pose is its simplicity and effectiveness in clearing the mind. As I rest in this position, my mental fog seems to lift away, leaving me with a sense of clarity and focus.

My personal experience has shown that even just five minutes in Legs Up the Wall can make a big difference in how alert and refreshed I feel afterward.

Ease of Performance

One thing I love about Legs Up the Wall is that you don’t need special equipment or lots of space—just a clear wall or headboard will do. By lying on the bed and resting my legs vertically against a surface, I get into position easily.

This pose proves that beneficial bed yoga practices don’t have to be complex; sometimes simple poses offer powerful benefits for your life quality.

Relieving Back Discomfort with Lying Twist Pose

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Gentle Rotations

After elevating my legs to calm my mind, I focus on easing my back. Twisting poses are great for this. By lying down and gently rotating my spine, I feel an immediate release of tension. This rotation is simple but effective.

I start by lying flat on my bed and then bring one knee towards my chest. My shoulders stay grounded as I turn only from the waist down. It’s a gentle twist that brings relief to every breath.

Rejuvenating Twists

The twisting doesn’t just ease pain; it is a way to rejuvenate my body. When I twist, I feel it releasing tension in my back and decompressing my spine.

In these moments of twisting, there’s something special happening inside me too—a boost of circulation and energy that makes me feel refreshed afterward. As someone who spends hours seated at work, incorporating these twists into my routine has been transformative, both physically and mentally.

Embrace Self-Care with the Knee Hug Pose

Digestive Benefits

The knee hug pose is more than a stretch; it’s a way to show kindness to my insides. When I pull my knees close, I press on my abdomen. This gentle pressure helps digestion. It feels like giving my tummy a helping hand.

I find this pose after meals especially soothing. It seems to ease any bloating and discomfort. It’s simple but effective in keeping things moving along inside me.

Nurturing Comfort

The knee hug stance has a unique quality that makes it feel like an embrace. I feel like I’m embracing myself as I maneuver my knees into my chest. This taking care of oneself practice fills in as a supportive suggestion to me about the worth of my time.

In moments when stress creeps up, this nurturing pose offers comfort and calmness. My breath deepens and slows down as I settle into the hold, creating peace within.

Self-Love Practice

Engaging in bed yoga with poses like the knee hug is an exercise in self-love too. By focusing on what feels good for my body, I’m learning to listen to its needs attentively.

As someone who often rushes through life, taking these quiet moments brings balance, reminding me that slowing down can be powerful too.

Tips for Integrating Bed Yoga into Daily Life

Morning Routine

morning bed yoga routine

Establishing a consistent morning routine holds immense value. For me, engaging in yoga right after waking up catalyzes an active day. It’s my way of signaling to my body, “Time to energize!” Thus, every morning, I allocate ten minutes for gentle stretches directly on my bed.

I kick off with the knee hug pose we previously discussed, gradually transitioning into other positions. This ritual sets the tone for my day, helping me stay recharged and energized throughout the day.

Dedicated Space

Keeping a clear space on your bed just for yoga makes a big difference. My side of the bed has enough room, so I can stretch out without bumping into anything. This small act of preparation means there’s no barrier to starting my morning routine.

Short Sessions

Remember, even short yoga sessions are beneficial. I aim for regularity over duration because consistency is what builds healthy habits over time.

On some particularly hectic days, when time is tight, I prioritize even just a couple of minutes for deep breathing or simple leg lifts as part of my bed yoga routine.


I’ve walked you through the soothing world of bed yoga, from its health perks to poses that can kickstart your morning. We’ve explored how simple stretches can unlock hip flexibility and how belly breathing can be a game-changer for inner peace.

Remember Legs Up the Wall? That’s not just chilling—it’s rejuvenating your mind! And for those pesky back aches, the lying twist pose is your new best friend. Embracing self-care isn’t just about knee hugs; it’s about weaving these practices into the fabric of your daily life.

Now, don’t just read about it—give it a go! Roll out of bed tomorrow and join this free session of Morning Yoga in Bed on Your body will appreciate it, I promise.

Are you prepared to turn a mediocre day into an incredible one? Let’s make bed yoga our secret weapon for unstoppable energy and zen vibes. Let’s do this!

Pop quiz! 🧘🤔

Morning yoga in bed can be a good way to gently wake up the body and mind.

Morning yoga in bed should involve deep stretches and intense poses.

One should aim to hold yoga poses for extended durations while practicing in bed.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can bed yoga help me, and what is it?

You don’t have to leave your comfort zone to do bed yoga, which is a mild style of yoga. It facilitates better sleep, stress reduction, and adaptability.

What are some simple morning bed yoga poses for energy?

Try a morning stretch by reaching your arms overhead or a supine twist to awaken yourself. These moves help stimulate circulation and boost vitality.

How does the lying twist pose alleviate back discomfort?

The lying twist pose gently rotates the spine, which can release tension and soothe backaches. It’s like wringing out stress from your back muscles!

Are legs up the wall good for relaxation?

Yes, this restorative pose reverses blood flow and allows gravity to ease leg fatigue, making it perfect for relaxing both physically and mentally.

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