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  1. Tami
    Tami at |

    You’re so right. I was able to get a gig doing senior chair yoga on a very poor senior apartment complex. We have no props or mats, just dining room chairs. It’s really helping me to stretch and use my intuition deeply while being highly aware of safety and the many modifications the seniors need.

  2. Tesha
    Tesha at |

    I’m a new yoga teacher and may have a new opportunity! My daughter’s dance teacher would like me to hold a class at the cps sportsplex they hold dance class at. I’m not sure what I should charge? She mentioned maybe $15 a class, they take $5 per student for holding the space and I take the rest person student. What is the right thing first starting out. I graduated 2 years ago and just have let fear and life’s circumstances hold me back. Health and wellness is my passion and I’m slowly trying to break out of my stressful interior design corporate job. Help! Thanks

    1. Brandon
      Brandon at |

      Hey Tesha,

      Totally understand the feeling of trying to leave a stress corporate job and create something new 🙂

      Charging $15/class is a pretty normal rate. I would go ahead with that pricing if I was you. Not sure if that organization will help you market your class(es) there but that would be nice. Either way, a great place to start! Nail one class for a month, then consider adding more. Over time you will gain more confidence in the yoga world and hopefully feel ready to take the leap into 100% yoga (or something else). A good time to save a little extra from your corporate job if you can – being an entrepreneur is hard 🙂

  3. Yogi Thank God Abayomi
    Yogi Thank God Abayomi at |

    I’m yoga teacher but finding it difficult to get a job what do I do


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