5 Ways Yoga Can Help Relieve Chronic Pain

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Chronic pain is an issue that many people face, but there is still not a lot known about the various disorders and causes. No matter what condition you face, you likely want anything that can help relieve your pain and prevent flare ups from happening as often. Depending on your condition, you might be prescribed various medications or types of therapy to help. You might also be prescribed marijuana products to relieve your pain that you can buy from cannabis dispensaries with a prescription.

Cannabidiol (CBD) has become very popular for chronic pain and relaxation. There are many ways to consume CBD including orally, topically, smoking, or vaping. E1011 labs has a new CBD delivery mechanism that they consider an improvement to aerosole technology which seems promosing 

Another way to deal with chronic pain is yoga. As a form of exercise and meditation, it has numerous benefits to help you deal with your condition. Here are 5 ways that yoga helps relieve your chronic pain.


1) Improves Your Brain’s Ability to Fight Pain

There has been much research and studies into the causes of chronic pain, as well as potential treatments to help manage it without medication. Some research has found that regularly performing yoga helps reprogram your brain in how it manages pain. Specifically, it helps strengthen the parts of your brain that deal with pain tolerance. In fact, yoga was found to help your brain’s centers that are most affected by chronic pain so you can mitigate any symptoms or flare ups.


2) Low-Stress Exercise to Improve Body Conditioning

One of the most common recommendations by any doctor or physical therapist to people who have chronic pain is to exercise regularly. When your muscles, tendons and joints are stronger and in better condition, it helps your body deal with the stress and pain when your chronic pain flares up. Exercise has also been found to release a flood of endorphins, a chemical your body produces that acts as a natural painkiller. So the more you exercise, the greater your general pain tolerance will be!


3) Increases Blood & Oxygen Flow Through Your Body

One of the general benefits for yoga is that it helps improve the blood circulation throughout your body, which also helps transport oxygen through all your muscles and organs. Improving your blood and oxygen circulation has a number of benefits for someone suffering from chronic pain.For example, it improves your energy and sense of well being. It helps improve the general health of your entire body, especially when it needs it — like when your chronic pain flares up and you are dealing with the agony of the symptoms.online yoga

4) Improves Range of Motion Through Stretching

For people who have chronic pain such as arthritis, or pain that involves your joints or your range of motion, stretching can be very helpful. Part of the problem you might have is due to a high amount of tension in your muscles, tendons and joints. Yoga is a great way to stretch your muscles and joints to their full range of motion. That helps gently relax the tension in your affected areas so you are more loose and flexible. In the end, this helps lower the intensity of the pain you may experience as well as relieve pain when you have a flare up.


5) Decreases Stress & Calms Your Mind

There is a growing sense that your mental health is tied to your chronic pain. This is either a direct cause or simply a connection between feeling stressed and anxious and the severity of your pain. Between the stretching, strengthening, and meditative practices, yoga is a great stress reliever so you will feel calmer, more relaxed, and in control. That’s a great weight off your mind when you feel like your chronic pain removes any control from your life.

Let’s wrap up

Yoga has proven to be an extremely versatile form of exercise and therapy for people of all walks of life. Whether you are young or old, fit or out of shape, healthy or suffering from a chronic condition, yoga can help your physical and mental health.


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