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Keeping your playlists fresh is challenging for all yoga teachers.

Are my students as sick of these songs as I am?

Luckily, this article is full of yoga songs you can add to your collections.

In this article you will find:

  • Most up to date vinyasa yoga playlist – 2018
  • A modern yoga playlist – 2017
  • My 700+ song mega playlist full of potential yoga songs to choose from

Before you go any further… I know what you’re wondering. Can I trust this random person on the internet’s taste in music…

What kind of music do I like?

I like upbeat music with an earth/eastern tone that you definitely won’t find on the radio. The majority of my playlists are full of vinyasa yoga music because that’s what I normally teach. I prefer instrumental or songs with very little lyrics. This eliminates potential distractions.

Music is my thing

I’ve been teaching yoga since 2013 and spend a lot of time crafting playlists to go with my classes. I keep this article up to date by continually adding my most up to date yoga music playlist for you 🙂

Yoga Playlist Vinyasa Flow Yoga Music

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Let’s start with my most up to date playlist…

Yoga Flow Music #1 (vinyasa playlist 2018)

This is my most up to date playlist full of my best yoga flow music.

best yoga flow music playlist

2018 vinyasa yoga music flow playlist at a glance…

  • Number of songs: 12
  • Total time: 61 minutes
  • Type of music: Chilled out, electronic, acoustic
  • Access: yoga playlist – Spotify

Vinyasa Yoga Playlist #2 (2017) 

This playlist if full of the best yoga music from 2017.

best yoga music 2017
vinyasa yoga playlist spotify

Vinyasa yoga playlist at a glance…

  • Number of songs: 14
  • Total time: 65 minutes (extra 5 mins for extended Savasana)
  • Type of music: music for yoga flow, chill, electronic, acoustic
  • Purchase: via Amazon

Stream the 2017 yoga music playlist through Spotify

2017 Song Breakdown: 60 minute Vinyasa Class

Songs are available to purchase via Amazon & stream through Spotify.

  1. Dustin O’Halloran – We Move Lightly | Amazon | Spotify
  2. Desert Dwellers – Wandering Sadhu | Amazon | Spotify
  3. Thrupence – Thought 8 | Amazon | Spotify
  4. KAASI – Those Days | Amazon | Spotify
  5. Emancipator – Minor Cause | Amazon | Spotify
  6. Nosaj Thing ft Toro Y Moi – Try | Amazon | Spotify
  7. Lapa – Waves | Amazon | Spotify
  8. Stwo – Lovin U | Spotify
  9. Nick Leng – Tunnels and Planes | Amazon | Spotify
  10. Mtns – Fears | Spotify
  11. Chet Faker – Talk is Cheap | Spotify
  12. Rising Appalachia – Novels of Acquaintance | Amazon | Spotify
  13. Alexi Murdoch – Orange Sky | Amazon | Spotify
  14. Garth Stevenson – Flying | Amazon | Spotify

*If you purchase any songs through these links, we earn a small commission, at no extra charge to you. Support like this is how we continue to deliver free content to you!

yoga playlist vinyasa flow 2016


700 Songs for Vinyasa Flow Yoga Music Inspiration…

Here’s a link to my ongoing yoga flow music playlist which I use for inspiration. There’s over 700 songs in here and I’m continually added new songs over time. You will find some popular yoga music but I try not to play “popular” stuff and I hope the vast majority will be new to you.

There is a mix of “modern yoga music” and some more ancient sounding “eastern spirituality” stuff as well. I also included some power yoga music with a little heavier beat. Fe

I’ve made countless yoga music playlists based off this pile of inspiration and hope you can too 🙂

Feel free to dig around and if you like what you hear, you’re welcome to “follow” the playlist on spotify if that’s your jam.

Tips for making a good yoga playlist

  • Overlap / crossfade songs by 5-10 seconds to make the mix seamless (easy to do on both soundcloud and spotify)
  • Make sure the songs match your sequence (gentle songs during the warm-up, etc)
  • Make sure the playlist is longer than 60mins if you allow extended Savasana
  • DOWNLOAD your playlist before class… don’t want any WIFI issues during class
  • Vinyasa flow music benefits from fewer words (less distracting)
  • Try to pick songs that aren’t as well known… again to minimize distraction
  • Practice teach with your playlist on. You’ll pick up subtle cues in the music to guide your teaching, know when to transition, keep time, etc.
  • The best vinyasa music keeps a steady beat/flow and has very few lyrics

Let’s Wrap Up…

Did you find what you were looking for? Aka the best yoga songs ever? lol.

Joking aside I sincerely hope this article helps you with your yoga playlists! Check back every so often as I continually add new music 🙂

You turn… Leave a comment below linking to a yoga flow playlist that you love! Sharing music makes my heart sing!


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Yoga Playlist Vinyasa Flow Yoga Music

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