5 Ways Yoga Teachers Can Improve Their Blog Posts

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write a better blog post

A good blog post has the ability to change lives. As a writer, if get into the hearts of your readers, you’re halfway there. Effectively solve their problems? You’ve gained a fan for life.

The goal of your blog is to build a dedicated following by solving your ideal clients problems upfront and for FREE.

Key points being: solve real problems for your niche & don’t charge anything upfront. This builds trust. Without trust, you’ll never build a dedicated following!

If you’re reading this article, I assume you’ve already started creating content for your website. If not, be sure to schedule some time this week to get started! Don’t delay your future success any longer.

Before we move one, we to address one common concern…

I don’t know what to write about?

As yoga teachers, we guide students out of their minds and into their bodies. We encourage them to reflect on their practice and make better choices off the mat.

In order words, you offer dharma talks and personal reflections in class all the time. 

Which means you’re already helping to solve your students problems in class. Consider how can you translate those “studio teachings” into a written blog post?

We’ll write another article about “what should yoga teachers blog about” — but in the meantime, just remember: solve your clients biggest problems.

How Yoga Teachers Can Improve their Blog PostsPin me first? Then keep reading! 🙂

Here are 5 ways to write a better blog post as a yoga entrepreneur!

I know you’re putting yourself out there which can be scary.

Keep in mind: With each post you write, you’ll get better and better. The only way you can fail is if you quit! (or don’t start at all).


1) Include a Call To Action (CTA)

Every single blog post you write should include a Call To Action (CTA). A CTA prompts your readers to take some meaningful action.The reality is

: 99% of people who visit your website will never come back. I know this sounds harsh, but this means we must focus on getting our readers to take action on their first visit.

In order for your readers to take action…

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  1. You must provide useful content. a.k.a., solve your students problems for free.
  2. Present a highly relevant CTA.

Ok, great. But what should I use for my call to actions? The best CTA is offering up a free gift in exchange for your reader joining your email list.

Ask yourself, what is it that you want your reader to do after reading your post?

Good examples of a CTA include:

  • Sign-up to your email newsletter
  • Read a related article
  • Comment on the article.



2)  Solve a Problem for your Ideal Client

Readers come to your website to get answers. They may not even realize it, but they are looking to solve their problems by reading your content. When you truly know and understand your niche, you’ll be able to develop content that directly impacts them. This is key.

It can be tempting to want to write a “Dear Diary” type post; pouring your heart out about your day, your dog or your tea date with Grandma… but this won’t help your yoga business or your future clients.

Protip: Each blog post should solve ONLY ONE problem (instead of trying to solve 3 problems at once). Solving one problem per article increases the number of people who will share your content.

When you can get into the minds of your readers by empathizing with their pains and providing a solution, you’ll form a trusting relationship. This will get them coming back for more and potentially becoming a paying client in the future. 🙂

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3) Consistency is King

Email Marketing Yoga Teachers

Create a content schedule and stick to it. If you decide to publish once a week, publish on the same day every week. This consistency trains your readers to get excited about opening up your content on specific days. Google also awards consistency… meaning: if you post consistently, you’ll notice more search traffic. More people to your site –> more email subscribers –> help more people + increased income 🙂After a few weeks of consistent content creation (and marketing) you’ll get into a rhythm. Then your weekly/monthly blog post won’t feel like such a chore. 

After becoming more efficient with your content marketing… you’ll have more time to work on other aspects of your business (finding clients, creating programs, continuing education, etc).

Protip: Helpful free content management tool: Asana. Check out the free version and get started today!


4) Give Away Your Best Content for Free

Don’t be afraid to give some of your best content away for free. 

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I know this sounds counter-intuitive, but it works! If you provide amazing free content, psychologically your readers assume: “whoa if the free stuff is this good, I can’t imagine how amazing the paid stuff is.”

Over time, you will build so much trust with your readers. They will willingly share your content and recommend your products.

Still not convinced? Don’t take my word for it… Jay Abraham speaks about this phenomena call the “strategy of preeminence.”


5) Only use GREAT images!

Good content is only as good as it’s images. 🙂 Images can be more powerful than the words, so choose wisely. The photos you choose can completely transform your content from just okay to AMAZING! Follow these simple “rules” when choosing images for your post


  • Images should always be high quality and hyper relevant (never pixelated or random)
  • Use your own images before sourcing for others
  • If you don’t have high quality, relevant images, that’s OK (find free images from Pixabay, Pexels, and Unsplash)
  • Use images with the same width throughout each post – consistency!

Need more guidance? Check out our Beginner’s Guide to Using Images on your Yoga Website


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Let’s Wrap up

If you’re able to incorporate these 5 things in every blog post, you’ll be writing better blog posts in no time! But as with all things in your yoga business, it’ll take time, practice and patience. So keep practicing, and you’re on your way.

Practice, and all is coming. —Pattabhi Jois

How about a few bonus tips before we end this one?

  • Organize and proof read your content. Make it scannable and easy to read.
  • Experiment with different formats. Perhaps videos or audio would resonate more with your niche.
  • Adopt the 80/20 rule for content marketing: 20% of your time is spent writing, 80% of your time is spent marketing. Where does your ideal client/reader hangs out? Get your content in front of them!


There you have it! Still want more? Drop me a line in the comments below or send me an email (theyoganomads@gmail.com). I respond to every single one. 🙂


Until next time,



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Ways Yoga Teacher Can Improve their Blog Posts

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