7 Health Wonders Water Can Do To Our Body

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Water is critical to good health. To keep your body free of toxins, maintain a healthy gut, protect your joints and keep your brain working properly, you need access to clean, fresh water.

7 Health Wonders Water Can Do To Our Body

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1) Digestive Aid

Water is a crucial part of healthy digestion. Not only do you need a steady source of drinking water from a quality water filter, but you need a diet full of water-intensive foods. Fresh, raw fruits and veggies can do wonders for your gut health, and are loaded with the water necessary for a healthy gut. Sluggish digestion is responsible for a lot of misery. Your body has to work harder to gain nutrients from your food if you’re not getting enough water.

2) Maintain Body Temperature

Keeping your water intake high can protect your body when you’re exercising or working in the heat. Additionally, getting enough water can help you get over a fever more quickly. It may be tempting to reach for your favorite smoothie, soda, or sports drink when you’re hot and sweaty, but start with water to flush toxins from your system, support your kidneys and keep your gut moving.

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3) Protect Your Joints

Long term dehydration is hard on your connective tissues. Just as skin gets dull and tired-looking when you’re dehydrated, the tissues in your joints lose elasticity. You may even be at higher risk of a serious injury when your tissues are dehydrated. Your tendons and ligaments are high in collagen, which needs water to stay elastic and flexible.

4) Guard Your Central Nervous System

When you’re dehydrated, your body goes into stress mode. If the uncertainty of the world around you makes it harder to manage your stress level, being dehydrated will make it worse. Your brain is more than 70% water, so staying hydrated can help you focus, manage your worries, and stay confident in the face of change. In addition, our nervous system also includes the spinal cord and the nerves that run off it. If you struggle with chronic pain or have any form of nerve condition, making sure you’re getting enough water is a good first step in maintaining nerve health.

5) Calorie Control

Your stomach will tell you when it’s empty, but it can’t really tell you what it needs. If you’re truly hungry, you need food. However, if you’re bored, sleepy, frustrated, in need of a break or just have a little gurgling in your gut, you should probably start with water. Hunger will come back if it means business. Starting with water when you’re trying to reduce your food intake, or just be smarter about it, also reduces the need for flavor intensity. If every beverage you drink is sweetened, fresh fruit won’t have much flavor; you’ll need chips or a cookie to make your taste buds happy. If you build a flavor palette based on water, an apple will be crunchy and sweet.

6) Muscle Growth and Function

If you’re trying to get stronger and put on more muscle tissue, water is critical. Not drinking enough water can even cause the cells in your muscles to shrivel as you dehydrate. This means you just won’t have the strength and the endurance you need to do what you need to do when you’re dehydrated.

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7) Healthy Skin

There are many factors that can dry our skin from the outside. Our homes are conditioned to remove humidity, we might like to soak in a hot tub or enjoy a long hot shower. While those factors can be comforting, they dry out the skin. Keeping up your water intake will keep your tissues hydrated and looking firmer. Getting enough water can also help skin injuries heal more quickly and reduce the severity of bruises if you do get a bump that causes discoloration.

Let’s wrap up

Fresh, clean water is one of the most important investments you can make in your good health. Aside from your home fitness goals, keeping up your intake of quality drinking water will make it easier to shed toxins and manage the stress of daily living. Staying fully and well hydrated today can lead you to a healthier tomorrow, so invest wisely in a drinking water system that will keep your body and brain healthy, limber and strong.

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7 Health Wonders Water Can Do to Our Body

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