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  1. Jeff V
    Jeff V at |

    Thanks for the great insight!

  2. johnny t
    johnny t at |

    Really great insight and advice, thank you. Wise words indeed:)

  3. Ricky M Jefferson
    Ricky M Jefferson at |

    After job loss I’m moving back home myself. I’ve been in Dallas for 8 years following undergrad and had a share of highs and lows job wise. I find myself depressed in some cases following all of what has transpired from the job loss but I know their is a light through every tunnel. I pray that all is well as I make that transition to Houston

  4. Michelle
    Michelle at |

    Thanks for writing this. I’m going through a hard time. I’ve been fired for the first time in 10 years of my working life and it was all my fault. I feel utterly wretched and worthless. I’m frantically looking around for a new job. I really got lucky in my previous job so it hurts a lot that I had the audacity to do what I had done. I How long were you in this state before it got better?


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