Meet Our Nomads

Logan Hailey

Logan Hailey

Logan Hailey is a writer, nomad, and 200RYT yoga teacher on a mission to help people live more vivacious, joyful lives aligned with nature. As she travels in her van conversion with her two dogs, she teaches about holistic health, herbalism, and personal development.

gemma clarke

Gemma Clarke

Gemma Clarke is a certified and experienced yoga & meditation instructor. She has been practicing meditation since 2014 and teaching since 2018. Gemma specializes in yoga and mindfulness for emotional well-being, and she has taught in Thailand, Cambodia, and the UK.

julien raby 1

Julien Raby

Julien Raby has been in the web marketing industry for 15 years. An avid Crossfitter and yoga practitioner himself, he helps fitness enthusiasts earn more from their passion.

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