As a yoga teacher… What do you want to know about creating your own website?

Alright, you talked us into it!

I would say about 1,045,566 times per week (on average, give or take a few) we receive questions from yoga teachers asking about creating their own website.

Example FAQs from Yoga Teachers:

  1. What tools & technology do I need to create my own website? (all that techy stuff)
  2. What is the business model you use for monetizing your site and how does it work?
  3. How do you know what content to put on my site? (words, pictures, colors, etc)
  4. Why is it important to create my own website? (instead of paying someone else to do it)
  5. How do I market and promote my website? (to ensure people are actually reading it)

And the list goes on. And we love it because we’re ridiculously passionate about helping Yoga Teachers & we would love for you guys and gals to create your own website (that attracts ideal clients) too.

Alright, so here is what we’re going to do for you…

We’re going to create an extremely useful online course to answer all these questions based on our personal success as yoga entrepreneurs + our experience helping other yoga teachers build their own websites (that attract ideal clients) too.

As a yoga teacher… what do you want to know about creating your own website (that attracts ideal clients)?

Submit your question(s) here!

By completing this ONE question survey, you’re helping us more than you know!!


Thanks again,
Anne and Brandon

Co-founders, TheYogaNomads

PS: we really do need your help here.

Our goal is to help as many yoga teachers as we can and this starts with listening to our readers feedback!

What question(s) do you have about creating your own website that attracts ideal clients? Click here to submit your question(s)!


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