The Best Healing Crystals For Virgos + When To Use Them

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Virgos are among the most favored people in the workplace and highly cherished family members and friends, thanks to their unwavering loyalty, dedication, and desire to give their all. However, their stubbornness and extreme attention to detail can make them challenging to deal with at times if they don’t know how to control these undesirable traits.

If you’re a Virgo, these Virgo crystals will boost your wonderful qualities like discipline and organization while diminishing the not-so-great traits like striving for perfection at all costs.

And if you or your loved ones are not under the Virgo sun sign, don’t worry; you can still benefit from these healing crystals by using them during the Virgo season and full moon in Virgo. These stones will help you tap into the positive Virgo qualities, allowing you to breeze through September, smashing goal after goal.

Let’s explore a little more about the mutable sign of Virgo before diving into the best stones and crystals for working with Virgo energy.

What Is The Virgo Zodiac Sign?

Virgo is the sixth sign of the zodiac and the sun sign of people born between August 23 and September 22. As one of the earth signs, Virgo is historically represented by the maiden of wheat and agriculture and is ruled by the planet Mercury. This association fits with the Virgo personality as those with this sun sign can have a strong presence in the material world.

Virgos are best known for being logical, practical, hardworking, and systematic. People with the Virgo sun sign tend to follow the status quo rather than question it and like organization and order. However, this can create perfectionist tendencies, as they constantly strive to become the very best at something they can be.

Here is an overview of the main Virgo personality trai

Positive Virgo Qualities

  • Hardworking
  • Reliable
  • Patient
  • Kind
  • Organized
  • Disciplined
  • Desire to learn
  • Humble and well-grounded
  • Practical and efficient

Negative Virgo Qualities

  • Can be a perfectionist
  • Critical of self and others
  • Stubborn
  • Judgemental
  • Tendency to overthink
  • Inability to unwind
  • Can become workaholics
  • Can dwell on the past too much
  • Struggles to see the bigger picture

Top 12 Crystals For Virgos

image 82

By wearing or carrying Virgo crystals, you can amplify the positive qualities of this earth sign while minimizing the negative traits. As each Virgo crystal has unique attributes, you can choose the ones that focus on the one you want to enhance or change.

NameAppearanceAbilityWhere to buy
Green Jade

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Blue Sapphire

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Moss Agate
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Blue Tourmaline
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Blue Lace Agate
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Clear Quartz
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Best Overall – Green Jade

image 80

Green Jade is known for boosting many of Virgo’s positive traits, such as concentration, attention to detail, and organization. Along with enhancing your mental qualities, green jade reminds you that you reap what you sow, and all your hard work will pay off.

Moreover, while promoting strength, luck, and good health, the green jade crystal has a gentle and harmonious energy that can help you overcome repetitive and negative thought patterns. This makes green jade the perfect stone to use when focusing on an important project. The potent and grounding energy will keep you focused on what you’re working towards, silencing your inner critic and blocking all negative energy.

Place this green jade money tree on your desk for a regular reminder to believe in your abilities and keep moving forwards, as well as a prosperity and good luck boost. Or, to soak up the healing qualities of green jade all day long, wear this simple yet pretty Green Jade ring.

Best For Amplifying Spiritual Connection & Wisdom – Blue Sapphire

image 79

As the Virgo birthstone, blue sapphire is naturally one of the most powerful gemstones for this zodiac sign. This stone is beneficial for connecting more with the spiritual realm, something many earthy Virgos struggle with. Blue sapphire has been associated with spiritual connection for centuries when Ancient Greeks would use it to seek guidance from the Oracle.

This spiritual stone enhances perception, intuition, and psychic abilities and opens you up to your higher self. It’s also associated with wisdom, so it helps to boost some positive signs of the Virgo star sign, like passion for learning and good memory.

On an energetic level, blue sapphire links to the third eye and throat chakra, helping to boost communication and self-expression. Keep this tiny raw blue sapphire crystal on your bedside table, or carry it in your handbag (ensure it is in a protective bag).

Best For Personal Growth – Moss Agate

image 83

The beautiful ocean-like moss agate stone is strongly associated with the earth element and the Virgo zodiac sign. Moss agate can strengthen some positive Virgo personality traits like humbleness and grounding. It will also help you slow down and reflect, an essential aspect of healing and personal growth.

Moss agate is also one of the best crystals for a Virgo as it can quiet a busy or overactive mind, something many Virgos struggle with. This helps to reduce self-criticism and unlocks the heart chakra, boosting self-love and self-belief.

With your confidence lifted and emotions under control, you’ll be better able to clarify your vision and set goals, making moss agate one of the best crystals to use in goal-setting or manifestation rituals. Hold this palm stone in your hand as you shift your focus from the past to the future, or work with this pendulum in your spiritual practices.

Best For Emotional Balance – Amazonite

image 85

Another aqua-blue toned stone, amazonite has a beautiful calming energy, bringing balance to your emotions and energy field, something vital for a mutable earth sign like Virgo.

Similarly, amazonite can reduce your need to make everything perfect and, instead, find acceptance and contentment in imperfection. Hold this worry stone in your palm, close your eyes, and take ten deep breaths whenever you find yourself being overcritical or obsessing over something.

Moreover, as a stone of truth and integrity, it shares many values of the ethical and honest Virgo. However, it can also help you overcome the desire to judge yourself and others, thanks to its association with the throat chakra.

Moreover, it’s handy for any Virgo who feels their communication center is blocked and feels stifled when expressing their needs or beliefs. Wearing an Amazonite pendant like this one will help you stand in your power and be authentically honest.

Best For Grounding – Red Jasper

image 84

Associated with the earth element, the root chakra stone red jasper promotes grounding and centering in stress, anxiety, or overthinking situations. Red Jasper’s earthy energy will bring you back to earth and into the present moment, getting you out of your head and into your body.

Red jasper also promotes problem-solving, something Virgos tend to like to do. So it is an excellent stone to use in challenging work or personal situations where you need to find a solution quickly. Plus, as working with this stone boosts strength, stamina, and energy, I recommend doing a short meditation with this red jasper tumbled stone whenever you’re experiencing a mid-afternoon slump.

Or, if you’ve recently had an injury, wearing this red jasper bracelet will promote healing, especially if it’s related to blood, such as a wound. Its energy-boosting properties will also help you bounce back after the flu or a virus.

Best For Mental Clarity & Studying – Fluorite

image 87

Fluorite, especially rainbow fluorite, is well known for its ability to clear mental fog and enhance clarity, quick thinking, and memory. Virgos love to learn, but too much studying can cause a frazzled brain. So whether you’re revising for an exam or learning a new language, use fluorite to keep your brain primed and ready to take in all that new knowledge.

To use this stone, schedule a few short 5-minute meditation breaks throughout the day. Lay down, place a piece of raw rainbow fluorite on your forehead, and close your mind as you connect to your breath and bodily sensations. You can also wear this fluorite pendant during your classes to increase the rate you take in and store new information.

Best For Evoking Spontaneity – Garnet

image 92

The deep red stone Garnet strongly associates with the root chakra thanks to its grounding and life-giving energy. Along with helping you feel more stable and centered, garnet fills you with the courage and confidence to make spontaneous and risky decisions, something many Virgos tend to avoid. Thus, this stone serves as a wonderful reminder to enjoy the process more instead of always trying to think about things logically.

Aside from its root chakra benefits, garnet is a spiritual stone linked to the pituitary gland and, thus, the third eye chakra. Therefore, this stone can also help earth-bound Virgos begin or progress along a spiritual path.

Holding a raw garnet as you meditate or practice yoga can help kickstart that inner connection. Garnet also makes eye-catching pieces of jewelry, like this simple but elegant sterling silver necklace.

Best For Calming The Mind – Blue Tourmaline

image 88

Blue Tourmaline is Virgo’s ascendant crystal, associated with the planet Mercury. This rare crystal possesses a highly calming energy, so it helps slow an overactive mind and calm nerves. As some Virgos can be critical towards themselves and experience a lot of negative thinking, this Virgo ascendant stone will help to silence the inner critic and remind you of your worth, abilities, and power.

However, blue tourmaline will benefit more than just you. Aside from helping to improve your relationship with yourself, it cultivates the same qualities toward others. This helps Virgos release the judgment and labels they give to others and accept that everyone has flaws, including themselves.

So, if you need to cultivate more compassion and loving-kindness (to yourself or others), wear this blissful blue tourmaline bracelet or keep a small piece of raw crystal in your purse or wallet.

Best For Communication & Self-Expression – Blue Lace Agate

image 89

Another beautiful blue crystal every Virgo should have in their collection is blue lace agate. This pale blue gemstone helps to ease self-doubt and self-blame while boosting self-love and confidence.

It is also one of the best crystals for Virgo people who struggle to communicate with others in a compassionate and empathetic way. Some Virgos can bring their systemic approach to communication, which makes them appear harsh or emotionless. Because blue lace agate is associated with the throat chakra, this stone will get you in touch with your genuine emotions allowing you to express yourself in a heart-centered way, thus, improving your relationships.

To work with this healing stone, place a handful of tumbled crystals in a plant pot or terrarium to improve communication in your home. Or wear this simple crystal pendant to boost the healing properties of blue lace agate by bringing it close to your throat chakra.

Best For Boosting Self-Confidence – Carnelian

image 90

Dispel all self-sabotaging and negative thoughts with carnelian’s bright and positive energy. While not a Virgo birthstone, orange carnelian is a great stone for anyone battling self-doubt. Carnelian will remind you of your worth and boost your energy, filling you with positive vibes to pursue your dreams.

Moreover, with links to the sacral chakra, carnelian will evoke stifled creativity and bring you back in touch with your inner child. Like garnet, carnelian is another wonderful stone for stimulating spontaneity; it can help you let go of your rigorous organizational skills for a moment and may even give you the push you need to get out of your comfort zone.

I recommend placing some raw tumbled stones on your desk, beside the table, and coffee table to bring positive energy to every part of the home.

Best For Positive Thoughts – Clear Quartz

image 86

If you’re working with carnelian to boost your energy and mood, enhance this further by pairing it with the high vibrational clear quartz stone. This multi-benefit crystal is fab for all zodiac signs, but for Virgos, it is specifically helpful for releasing feelings of stress and anxiety. This is because clear quartz has the power to clear negative energy from a person’s aura and physical environment.

As a master crystal, you can pair a cluster of clear quartz stones with any of the other Virgo gemstones to amplify their qualities. It’s also an ideal stone to use in crystal grids if working with multiple crystals for Virgo. It is commonly placed in the center of the grid to collect the universal life force and channels it out to the universe.

Best For Banishing Self-Doubt – Smoky Quartz

image 91

Finally, smoky quartz is another lovely stone to stabilize your emotions and settle your mind. Its calming properties can help you make confident and assured decisions without overthinking.

Associated with the root and crown chakra, Smoky quartz offers protection against negative energy while aiding spiritual growth. Thus, it is an ideal stone to use when doing deep inner work like uncovering and overcoming deep-seated fears. This stone’s earthy, stabilizing energy will keep you safe and protected while preventing you from entering a spiral of anxiety or depression.

Use raw smokey quartz in energy healing work like reiki or chakra balancing. Then pair it with this bead bracelet to extend the stone’s benefits beyond those sessions.

Final Thoughts On Virgo Stones And Crystals

If you’re new to crystal healing, you’re likely wondering which of the 12 best Virgo crystals you should begin with. While they all carry unique benefits, green jade, blue sapphire, and moss agate are my favorites for mastering Virgo season and beyond.

I recommend starting with one or two of these. Then as you gain more crystal healing experience, you can add more to your collection and start working with them all together on a crystal grid for amplified power!

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