The Best Free Resources for Building a Business

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So you have a yoga business (or you know you want to start one) and it feels like everywhere you look there are free resources for building a business. But you don’t want just any resources – you want the best free resources for building a business.

In this article, I’ll be sharing a slew of content and tools to help you build your business, starting with the basics and working our way up.

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The Best FREE Tools to Help you Run your Business

Beyond the obvious social media, there are a plethora of free tools you can use to make your business more effective and efficient. Here are some of our favorites here at The Yoga Nomads:

  • Project management: Trello. Trello can help you stay organized with its variety of features. Break projects down using boards, lists within boards, and checklists within tasks on each list. This is what we use over here at The Yoga Nomads!
  • Email software: Mailchimp. I love Mailchimp for a free email management software. It’s not as robust as a paid platform like ActiveCampaign, but it has tons of great features like landing pages, audience segmentation, and funnels, and it’s getting updated with new features all the time. It’s free for up to 2,000 subscribers, then you’ll have to start paying a fee.
  • Calendar scheduling: Calendly. My actual favorite is Acuity Scheduling, which is free if you use Squarespace for your website – so I definitely recommend that option if you have Squarespace. If not, opt for Calendly! It has a free and paid version for scheduling appointments and sessions, and the free version is definitely adequate if you don’t need anything too complicated.
  • Creating graphics: Canva. Canva is a free graphic design tool that helps you create quality graphics for social media, event flyers, posters, PDFs, and more. It’s simple, user friendly, and the graphics come out looking great!
  • Instagram post scheduling: Planoly. Again, this is a company that offers a free and paid version. I use the free version for my own Instagram account, and it has more than enough capabilities for me. Use it to automatically schedule your Instagram feed posts, and you can manually post stories through the app at ideal times as well. The paid version lets you post to Instagram and Facebook at the same time!
  • Yoga Studio Software – This is crucial to be more efficient in your yoga business. We reviewed the top 9 Best yoga software here.

Now, let’s get into the core of the best free resources out there – including articles, podcasts, and videos – for building your business.

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The Best FREE Resources for Building a Business Website

Your website is one of the core pieces of building and growing your business. Here are our favorite website-building and enhancing resources:

Best FREE Resources for Marketing your Business

Of course, marketing is one of the most important parts of running your business. If you have amazing classes, offerings, and products but no one knows about them, it’s going to be really hard to have a business! Here are some of our free favorite resources for growing your marketing skills:

  • Marie Forleo’s videos. Marketing maven Marie Forleo has a free weekly internet TV show called Marie TV that’s all about marketing. Her style definitely isn’t for everyone but the woman knows marketing!
  • The Angie Lee show. This podcast, subtitled Marketing and Sales with Angie Lee, is an incredibly helpful resource for understanding and getting comfortable with the business of sales and marketing. Angie has fun and fresh takes, and lots of wisdom to offer in each jam-packed episode.
  • Marketing 101: A Complete Guide for Yoga Teachers. Our Yoga Nomads guide! This article is all about the basics of marketing and how it can accelerate your yoga business.

The following resources aren’t just about marketing, but encompass many different aspects of business. These are some of our favorite podcasts that cover everything from pricing to defining your offerings to marketing and selling those offerings!

  • The Yoga Business Bootcamp Podcast. This is a twelve series podcast all about how to build a successful yoga business! This podcast will “take you through how to create your dream job, build an amazing resume, get a teaching job at a yoga studio, and how to expand your offerings to make more money and become more sustainable as a yoga teacher.”
  • Being Boss. Being Boss is a podcast for creative entrepreneurs, and it’s the first business podcast that ever resonated with me. There are over 200 episodes to explore, covering topics ranging from boundaries in business to imposter syndrome to creating online courses.
  • Mastering the Business of Yoga. The full podcast from Amanda Kingsmith, the creator of the Yoga Business Bootcamp show! This podcast goes in-depth on how to create a successful yoga business, covering topics from how to create great sales copy to building a successful yoga studio to running workshops abroad.
  • The Yoga Teacher Resource Podcast. This podcast shares information, support, and inspiration for yoga teachers, including topics like the business of yoga, teaching skills, philosophy, ethical and legal considerations, and more.

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These resources are all intended to help you build and grow a yoga business that you truly love! What other free business resources do you love? Let us know in the comments! 

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The Best Free Resources for Building a Business

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