Weweya Women’s Minimalist Barefoot Running Shoes

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  • Minimalist barefoot style design for achieving physical fitness
  • Wide toe box safety design to prevent toe injuries
  • Tongue-less design for easy slip-on and lightweight feel
  • Removable exclusive arch support insole for strengthening muscles and bones
  • Suitable for indoor activities like gym workouts and outdoor activities like hiking
  • Product dimensions: 8.66 x 2.76 x 1.97 inches; 1.1 pounds
  • Department: women’s
  • Date first available: October 15, 2020
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    The product is a pair of barefoot shoes designed for women for minimalist running and cross-training. It features a wide toe box for safety, a tongue-less design for easy wear, and a removable arch support insole. The shoes can be used for various indoor activities like gym workouts and outdoor activities like running and hiking.

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    Product Dimensions

    8.66 x 2.76 x 1.97 inches, 1.1 Pounds



    Date First Available

    October 15, 2020

    13 reviews for Weweya Women’s Minimalist Barefoot Running Shoes

    1. Sonjie

      I find these shoes to be perfect for me, well worth the $60 price tag. They have excellent grip and come in mainstream sizing.

    2. marsha l. taylor

      These shoes make my toes happy!

    3. Morgan

      I purchased a variety of barefoot minimalist sneakers, including these, in hopes of finding relief for my severe joint and back pain stemming from a chronic illness I’ve dealt with for two decades. With sensitive feet that detest tightness, I was pleasantly surprised when these shoes not only provided the support I needed but also remained spacious and flexible like a dance shoe. Having been a dancer for many years before my health condition forced me to stop, I appreciate the comfort and…

    4. Jean-Francois Seguin

      Excellent quality at an affordable price, with sturdy support at the Achilles and toes while still being flexible. These shoes are perfect! I will definitely be ordering them again.

    5. Ida Bee

      I opted for a half size larger than my usual size with this pink size 10 1/2 barefoot shoe, and it turned out to be a good fit for me. As a senior, I don’t plan on running in these shoes but am hopeful they will be suitable for both walking and light gym workouts. The fact that they can accommodate an orthotic was a key factor for me as I require some support. While they may seem a bit bulky, my priority is on comfort, which these shoes deliver on. They are extremely comfortable, allowing me…

    6. Esther Christine Padro

      I was looking for a shoe with individual toe compartments to help with my running form and posture. The design of this shoe made it appear as though it had compartments, and the description mentioned them as well. However, upon receiving the shoe, I found that it did not actually have the compartments it advertised. This was disappointing and felt like a waste of time.

    7. Lynda L Marble

      Great fit and comfortable for walking and working out. Definitely my top choice for shoes!

    8. Ashley Smith

      The product fits well and is comfortable. It rubs a little on my baby toes when worn without socks, but should be fine with socks on.

    9. Nonsense

      Excellent footwear.

    10. EYu

      These shoes are adorable and incredibly comfortable! They truly give you the sensation of walking barefoot. They’re ideal for my cardio dance class.

    11. Lola

      Unfortunately, the media is not loading.
      I have been using these shoes as my gym shoes for a few months now, and I find them to be extremely comfortable for working out. The only downside I have noticed is the visible glue on the front of the shoes, but it is not very noticeable to others. Here is an updated video of the shoes in action.

    12. Darice Cheney

      The color of these shoes is extremely bright, almost like they’re glowing, which takes some getting used to. They appear quite wide, making my feet look larger than they are. While they are comfortable to wear, I feel self-conscious when wearing them, so they end up stored in my closet.

    13. Sandra SanMar

      Due to the width of the shoe (which should be standard to avoid hurting our feet), this one looks odd. I use it for exercising (weightlifting) and it works great to maintain balance. I give it 5 stars because it performs its function effectively.

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