Weweya Women’s Minimalist Barefoot Running Shoes

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  • Minimalist barefoot style design for achieving physical fitness
  • Wide toe box safety design to free toes and prevent discomfort
  • Tongue-less design for easy, lightweight fit
  • Removable exclusive arch support insole for strengthening muscles and bones
  • Suitable for indoor activities like gym workouts, yoga, and aerobics
  • Also suitable for outdoor activities like running, hiking, and camping
  • Department: Women
  • Date First Available: October 15, 2020
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    The Weweya Barefoot Shoes for Women feature a minimalist design that aims to simulate a barefoot feeling for improved physical fitness. With a wide toe box safety design and a tongue-less construction, these shoes provide comfort and a natural stride. The removable arch support insole offers minimal support to help strengthen muscles and bones. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor activities including yoga, running, hiking, and more.

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    Date First Available

    October 15, 2020

    13 reviews for Weweya Women’s Minimalist Barefoot Running Shoes

    1. Lynda L Marble

      Great fit and comfortable for walking and working out. Without a doubt, my top choice for a shoe!

    2. Ashley Smith

      The shoes fit well and are comfortable. They rubbed a little on my baby toes when I didn’t wear socks, but would be fine with socks on.

    3. EYu

      These shoes are not only adorable but also incredibly comfortable! They truly give you a barefoot walking sensation, making them perfect for my cardio dance class.

    4. Morgan

      I purchased a variety of barefoot minimalist sneakers, including this pair, in search of relief for my chronic joint and back pain stemming from a long-standing illness. My feet are sensitive and dislike tight footwear, even compression socks are too uncomfortable. These were the first shoes I tried, and they provided the perfect balance of support and comfort. They are as roomy and flexible as a dance shoe, which I appreciate as a former dancer. Unlike the other pairs I tested, these shoes…

    5. Ida Bee

      I purchased the size 10 1/2 pink barefoot shoe, which is half a size larger than what I usually wear. Surprisingly, this size turned out to be just right for my needs. As a senior, I won’t be using these shoes for running, but I’m hoping they are suitable for walking and gym workouts. I was pleased to discover that they can accommodate my orthotic, providing the support I require. Despite being slightly big and bulky, comfort is my priority, and these shoes certainly deliver. They allow me…

    6. Sandra SanMar

      Due to the width of the shoe (which should be the standard to avoid hurting our feet), this one looks odd. I use it for exercising (weightlifting) and it works great in helping me maintain balance. I give it 5 stars because it does the job well.

    7. Darice Cheney

      The color of these shoes is incredibly bright, almost like they glow, which took some getting used to. They appear quite wide on my feet, making them look like clown shoes. While they are comfortable, I feel awkward wearing them, so they end up sitting in my closet.

    8. Jean-Francois Seguin

      Excellent quality! The price is great and they are sturdy at the Achilles and toes while still being fully flexible. They are perfect! I will definitely be ordering them again.

    9. Nonsense

      Excellent footwear.

    10. marsha l. taylor

      These shoes bring so much comfort to my toes!

    11. Sonjie

      I find these shoes perfect for me, definitely worth the $60 due to their excellent grip and standard sizing.

    12. Esther Christine Padro

      I was specifically looking for individual toe compartments in this shoe to help with my toe alignment and running posture. The design on the outside gave the impression of compartments, and the description mentioned them as well. However, upon receiving the shoe, I found that there were no actual compartments inside – the shoe was just open and wide. This was disappointing and ended up being a waste of my time.

    13. Lola

      I am unable to view the media content.
      These shoes are my go-to for the gym. They are incredibly comfortable and perfect for workouts. I’ve been using them for a couple of months now and this video shows how they have held up. The only minor downside is the visible glue at the front, but it’s not something that others would notice.

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