Weweya Men’s Minimalist Barefoot Running Shoe

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  • Minimalist barefoot style design for true barefoot feeling
  • Wide toe box safety design for toe comfort
  • Tongue-less design for easy slip-on
  • Removable exclusive arch support insole for natural foot strength
  • Suitable for indoor activities like gym workouts and yoga
  • Ideal for outdoor activities such as running and hiking
  • Available for men
  • First available on September 27, 2019
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    The product is a barefoot style shoe designed for minimalist running and cross-training. It features a wide toe box for comfort and safety, a tongue-less design for easy wear, and a removable arch support insole for added flexibility. Suitable for indoor activities like gym workouts and outdoor activities like running and hiking.

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    September 27, 2019

    12 reviews for Weweya Men’s Minimalist Barefoot Running Shoe

    1. Walter Shaughnessy

      After exploring different shoe options, I found that the Weweya Barefoot Shoes matched my needs perfectly. I am pleased with my purchase so far as I’ve been wearing them all day for the past 4 days and find them incredibly comfortable. These shoes required no breaking in and fit true to size. They appear to be well-made, but only time will confirm their durability. With warmer weather coming, I am excited to use these shoes for hiking adventures.

    2. Neil O’Rourke

      I have wide feet and typically wear a size 12 extra wide or have to size up to a 13. Since these shoes don’t come in wide sizes, I opted for a size 13. Unlike similar shoes from other brands that usually feel tight in the toes, these shoes fit really well. They are incredibly comfortable from the moment I put them on. I am extremely pleased with this purchase.

    3. Kaniwi Beach

      These shoes have a considerable amount of padding on the back, sides, and sole. This feature made them quite warm to wear, which might be suitable for winter but wasn’t exactly what I had in mind.

    4. jordan

      I recently bought the Weweya Barefoot Shoes for Men with the intention of using them for minimalist running and cross-training, and I have to say that I am extremely satisfied with my purchase. These shoes provide excellent value for their quality, and I am thrilled with the outcome.
      Initially, I was worried about the limited availability of half sizes, as I usually wear a 9.5. However, I decided to go for a size 10 due to my wider foot, and I am happy to say that they fit surprisingly…

    5. Flynbike

      The shoes fit well and have a nice appearance, suitable for walking. However, they are not ideal for running as the inner padding is too soft and the heel height is too short, causing instability while running. A good running shoe should provide a secure fit, which these lack. Despite this, they function well as walking shoes.

    6. Ron

      These shoes are incredibly comfortable. As a size 11, I found that the fit of these shoes was perfect for me. However, I have flat feet and noticed that the inner sole seemed to be lower than the outer platform, causing me to be a bit pigeon-toed. To address this issue, I plan to purchase some inserts that are slightly raised on the inner sole. Overall, these shoes are well constructed, easy to slip on and off, and have kept my feet dry while walking on damp grass with my dog.

    7. Flynbike

      I have been wearing these shoes daily for two weeks in various conditions. Initially, I ordered a similar brand in size 11 based on a reviewer’s suggestion, but they were too small. After returning them, I decided to try these shoes and they fit perfectly according to my standards. I typically wear size 11.5 / EU 45 in most brands, although my podiatrist thinks I should wear size 12.
      I chose the lace-up version to account for potential stretching, and I usually wear them with midweight…

    8. Anonymus

      The toe box is not as wide as expected.

    9. Dan Champagne

      Up to now, I’m pleased with the product. It’s very comfortable; a size 44 fits like a Canadian size 9 and fits me perfectly.

    10. Craig Sauvigne

      Comfortable and perfect for weight training, they also provide stability and are non-slip! I would definitely buy them again.

    11. Wade

      After conducting thorough research on these shoes, I hesitated to invest in the expensive ones without assurance of liking them. Opting for these reasonably priced shoes turned out to be a pleasant surprise. Despite the initial doubts about their appearance, they seem to be well-made. I will have a better understanding of their quality after wearing them for a while. Not only are they surprisingly comfortable, but they have also alleviated the arch pain I experienced with my previous running…

    12. Ruth Chávez

      This product allows me, as an elderly person, to no longer get my feet caught in the flowers of the carpet. The thin sole enables swollen feet to feel the ground and better control balance. It is surprisingly reassuring during walking… Some may find these shoes ugly, but for the price, they are worth their weight in gold.

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