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  1. Public Transportation in Mumbai, India - Tiny Pilgrim Travel

    […] worth it to ride these trains? Or is it simply to dangerous to consider as a novice? According to The Yoga Nomads, yes, but be mindful of peak traveling times. It is best to travel by Mumbai passenger trains in […]

  2. Pradeep Krishnakumar
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    Hi Brandon,

    Excellent article indeed. Extremely detailed and just needs some modification in terms of the hike in prices. Also, there are some very interesting startups in the bus space in Mumbai. One of them is Limo (caveat – I work here and I am very passionate about buses). A great website (https://goo.gl/karrLx) to easy check out options. One can also rent an air-conditioned bus for a day to go around in groups. We are helping people get access to a bus and go together as a group. After all, that’s where you meet new people and build your own community.

    Try this out next time.


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