10+ Best Meditation Room Ideas for a Relaxing Experience

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Quick Tip: Create a tranquil meditation space at home for under $100 with these budget-friendly ideas.

We all crave less stress, and more peace of mind. But it can be hard to find time to escape the chaos of our lives and quiet our overwhelmed brains. Whether you’re just starting a meditation practice or you’ve been meditating regularly for years, it is so much easier to have a dedicated space for quieting your thoughts.

If meditation rooms have always seemed like an overpriced luxury reserved only for high-end yoga studios or meditation retreats, you’re in luck! You can design a tranquil meditation space in your own home for under $100.

Here are 10+ inspiring meditation room ideas for every style, from bohemian to traditional zen to modern chic, and everywhere in between. We cover how to get started creating a DIY relaxing space, including the best meditation room decor, meditation cushions, and affordable accessories for inspiration and rejuvenation.

Prefer video? Here’s one on best yoga meditation room ideas.

How do you create a meditation space on a budget?

A meditation room can cost anywhere from $100 to $1,000+, but the secret to creating a quiet space on a budget is simply utilizing affordable decor to convert a spare room, corner, or extra space in your home into the peaceful ambiance of your dreams. Here’s how:

  1. Location: First, decide if you’d prefer a dedicated room for your meditation and yoga practice or if you’d like to utilize a small space in your office or bedroom. Measure out how much space you’re dealing with and create a little drawing sketch of the area.
  2. Light: Identify where you can incorporate natural light (windows or skylights). Sunshine is free and helps add a warm glow to your meditation. You can also decide if you want to use any lamps or lighting fixtures to create a soothing ambiance. Maybe you’ll even opt for hanging fairy lights.
  3. Floor: Begin decorating from the floor, upward. Use our guide below to choose an area rug, blankets, or yoga mats that will make the space feel warm and welcoming to your bare feet.
  4. Seating: Decide what seating you prefer: cushions? a meditation chair? a meditation bench? a hanging chair? Simple pillows and meditation cushions tend to be the cheapest options (we’ll cover our favorites below).
  5. Walls: Hang wall art like tapestries or posters to make the space feel a little more welcoming and inspirational.
  6. Focal Point: Consider whether you want to use a large or small table, altar, shelves, image, or mirror as the center focus of the room. Small spaces tend to feel larger when there is a window, mirror, or light colored walls.
  7. Meditation Tools: Next, you’ll want to find space to store and display anything you use during your meditation. Think singing bowls, books, Mala beads, crystals, journals, or anything else that helps you meditate.
  8. Sensory Elements: Aromatherapy has the unique ability to blast us into the present moment and help us focus solely on our internal experience. Essential oils, candles, incense, or sage are the best ways to incorporate scent into your meditation practice. They can also help clear the energy of the space before and after your practice.
  9. Natural Elements: Accent with natural elements like houseplants, stones, crystals, or herbs.
  10. Accessories: The final touches like throw pillows, blankets, canopies, statues, prayer flags, and miscellaneous decor make all the difference for emanating a calm, soulful vibe.
  11. Personal Touches: Finally, add your unique flair with a vision board, photos of someone who makes you feel peaceful, your favorite inspirational quotes, or your manifestations you hope to bring to fruition.

Meditation Room Ideas

Creating a Zen room for yoga meditation can be a wonderful way to find inner peace and create a calming space in your home. To design a meditation room, you can try to incorporate natural elements, a neutral color palette, and calming decor items. Consider using calming colors, greenery, and calming scents to make the perfect meditation space.

Whether you opt for a DIY meditation room or use meditation apps, having a designated at-home meditation room can help you feel light and provide a sense of calm in your daily routine. Eliminate clutter and embrace Zen decor to create the perfect place for your yoga and meditation practices.

Now that you know how to create a meditation space, it’s time to dive in. Check out some of these inspiring meditation room ideas to get a vision for how you will infuse some soul into your space.

Then, choose a part of your house and start to visualize how your favorite products can bring the meditation room to life. If you want to keep the space under $100, be sure to prioritize the elements most important to you- seating and decor tend to make the biggest transformation until you can save up to add more flair to a space.

Here’s our favorite trends and unique elements:

Bohemian Meditation Space

Bohemian Meditation Space

For the eclectic, hippie-minded yogi, this meditation room idea is all about bright colors and patterns. Patchwork floor cushions, suns & moon decor, houseplants, and boho rugs or tapestries draw on a diversity of cultures to make this space feel like a vagabond traveler’s oasis.

Get This Look:

Mandala Life ART Large Floor Pillow Cover Yellow Round Pouf Ottoman Indian Floor Cushion Boho Chic...

Bohemian Large Floor Cusion Cover

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SAFAVIEH Monaco Collection Area Rug - 5'1' x 7'7', Multi, Boho Chic Tribal Distressed Design,...

Boho Chic Tribal Area Rug

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Uspring Colorful Tapestry Mandala Tapestry Trippy Tapestry Wall Hanging with Tassel Striped for Room...

Uspring Chakra Tapestry Wall Hanging

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When in doubt, the best affordable boho decor can even be found at local thrift or vintage stores for a bargain price. Don’t be afraid to mix and match floral, tribal, and exotic patterns.

Minimalist Meditation Room

Minimalist Meditation Room

If you prefer a more modern, minimalist look, place your meditation space in a part of your house with plenty of windows and neutral-colored walls. Then, get creative with some muted yet elegant accessories.

Get This Look:

  • Handwoven Jute Rug: This 6′ diameter jute rug adds the perfect modern farmhouse look to the floor.
FRELISH DECOR Handwoven Jute Area Rug - 6 feet Round - Natural Yarn - Rustic Vintage Beige Braided...

Handwoven Jute Rug

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OwMell Lot of 4 Meditation Yoga Pose Statue Figurine Ceramic Yoga Figure Set Decor - White

OwMell 4 Meditation Yoga Pose Figurines

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Japanese Zen Meditation Room

Japanese Zen Meditation Room

For a traditional Japanese Zen room, focus on natural light, square lines, and feng shui design elements.

Get This Look:

  • Leekung Buddha State for Zen: You can’t go wrong with a traditional Buddha statue. This one is 7″ and made of quality non-breakable resin.
  • Sandalwood Soy Candles: Eco-friendly candles are perfect for setting the mood and serving as a drishti during candle flame meditation. These soy wax candles come in a beautiful bamboo container.
  • XICKIN Japanese Futon Floor Mattress: For seated and laying down meditations, this traditional futon helps create a meditation area that can double as a catnap zone.
XICIKIN Japanese Floor Mattress, Japanese Futon Mattress Foldable Mattress, Roll Up Mattress Tatami...

Japanese Futon Floor Mattress

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Botanical Meditation Room

Botanical Meditation Room

Anyone who has tried meditating on a hike or in the woods knows how healing nature can be. The best meditation spaces are undoubtedly those where you can feel a little more in touch with the Earth.

What better way to recreate your favorite moments with nature than to bring plants inside with you? Plants let down your guard and breathe clearly so you can remember the natural essence of life. A botanical meditation room doesn’t have to be an elaborate greenhouse. This sacred space is all about bohemian accents and easy-to-care-for houseplants.

Get This Look:

Costa Farms Live Pothos Plant, Easy Care Vining Live Indoor Houseplant, Air Purifying Trailing Plant...

Ivy Golden Pothos Live Indoor Plant

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Mkono 2 Pcs Macrame Wall Hanging Boho Wall Art Decor Woven Chic Bohemian Room Decor for Bedroom...

Macrame Wall Hanging Art

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  • Hanging Rattan Wicker Lamp: Complete the bohemian botanical vibe with a hanging wicker lamp (bulb included) for dim, warm lighting.
  • Essential Houseplant Collection (4pk): Cleanse the air and start learning to grow the easiest indoor plants that money can buy. This set includes a pothole plant, philodendron, snake plant, and a rubber plant.

More Meditation Room Ideas

Whether you want to meditate every morning or just sit in silence every once in a while, your space should be incredibly comforting and relaxing. Lighting, pillows, and dreamy spiritual decor are key. Here are more ideas and products to help decorate your mindfulness oasis.

Eclectic Meditation Room

Eclectic Meditation Room

Global accessories like these Moroccan lamps help add an air of bohemian mystery.

Crystal Meditation Space

Crystal Meditation Space
Pracaniz Crystal Shelf with Flap Drawer&Hooks for Wall&Desktop, Moon Holder as Witchy Room...

Triangular Shelf

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This triangular shelf is the perfect wall hanging for displaying crystals and sacred objects.

Vintage Meditation Altar

Vintage Meditation Altar

Meditation Corner

Meditation Corner

A meditation corner keeps things simple and compact. Add a meditation bench, crystal display, and lotus candles to inspire more relaxation (even if it feels like chaos in the rest of the room). Stay cozy on your floor space with a faux fur sheepskin rug like this one.

The Importance of Sound in Your Meditation Space

While many write ups focus on what you see and touch, the role of sound in a meditation area is often underestimated yet crucial. Adding sound elements can greatly improve your meditation practice by aiding in achieving deeper relaxation and concentration.

Creating a Soundscape and Ambient Background Noise

Crafting a soundscape can turn your meditation space into a peaceful retreat. Consider using ambient noise devices or apps that play natural sounds such as rainfall, ocean waves or forest ambiance. These sounds can help mask external distractions, allowing you to fully engage in your meditation.

Utilizing Singing Bowls and Wind Chimes

Singing bowls and wind chimes are traditional instruments used during meditation to produce calming, harmonious sounds. The vibrations from these tools can assist in clearing your thoughts and harmonizing your inner energy. Position a singing bowl on a nearby surface for easy access, utilizing it at the start and end of each meditation session to signify the beginning and conclusion of your practice.

Music Selection for Meditation

Create a playlist of tranquil music specifically tailored for your meditation space. Opt for tracks with slow rhythms, minimal vocals and soothing tunes. Whether it’s classical melodies, ambient electronic beats or traditional meditative music, selecting the right music can enhance your overall meditation experience.
Listening to soft music in the background while meditating can help set the mood and improve your ability to concentrate.

Soundproofing Tips for Home

If your living space is noisy, consider trying out some do it yourself soundproofing methods. Installing thick curtains, rugs and cushions can help absorb sound and minimize reverberation. Additionally, applying weather stripping to doors and windows can help block out external noises. Making these small changes can greatly enhance the peaceful ambiance of your home.

Personal Touch

In my personal meditation routine, I discovered that incorporating sound had a significant impact. Starting with soothing nature sounds and gradually introducing a singing bowl made a noticeable difference; my mind calmed down faster and I felt more centered. Experimenting with various sounds allows you to discover what resonates best with you.

By incorporating sounds into your meditation space, you create a holistic experience that enriches your practice and makes your environment uniquely yours.

Embracing the Power of Sunlight

A key aspect underscored in many well regarded articles is the significance of natural sunlight in a meditation area. Sunlight plays a vital role in enhancing the overall ambiance and energy of your space. It contributes to establishing a calm and revitalizing setting, which is crucial for fostering a productive meditation routine.

Advantages of Sunlight

Sunlight uplifts your spirits and vitality levels, aiding in regulating your body’s natural rhythm and promoting alertness throughout the day. This is especially beneficial for morning meditation practices. Moreover, sunlight can create an expansive and welcoming feel within your meditation environment.

Optimizing Natural Sunlight

To maximize sunlight exposure, opt for a room with ample windows or a skylight. If that’s not feasible, position your meditation spot near a window. Utilize light, breezy curtains to allow sunlight to filter through while maintaining privacy. Mirrors can also help bounce natural light around, enhancing brightness and spaciousness in the room.

Complementing with Artificial Lighting

In cases where natural sunlight is scarce, consider incorporating gentle, warm artificial lighting. Steer clear of harsh, bright lights that may disrupt serenity. Instead, utilize lamps with adjustable brightness settings, fairy lights or candles to cultivate a calming environment.
Himalayan salt lamps provide a soothing ambiance with their gentle, warm light and are thought to offer air cleansing benefits.

Adding natural sunlight to your meditation area can completely change the atmosphere, turning it into a welcoming and serene retreat.

What should I put in my meditation room?

A meditation room is the perfect combo of practical tools (think floor cushions, yoga mats, books, or singing bowls) and sensory elements that relax your mind. Crystals, beads, bells, chimes, candles, incense, or a meditation altar table can help bring you into a meditative state. You will also want to include inspiring decor like tapestries, statues, and artwork.

Key Takeaways: Mix and Match Budget Items for the Perfect Vibe

By mixing and matching budget items, you can create a spiritual room that reflects your personal style and helps to clear your mind. One of my favorite zen room ideas is to incorporate natural elements like plants and soothing sounds into the space. Adding meditation accessories such as floating shelves and string lights will create a calming ambiance.

Another tip is to designate a specific area in your home for daily meditation, whether it’s in your home office or in an entire room dedicated to meditation techniques. By finding a comfortable spot to find your zen, you can drastically reduce your stress levels and improve your overall wellbeing.

For more inspiration, you can explore Pinterest board to see more ideas about meditation room decor, including different shades of blue and touch device users. Remember that even simple changes in your home and design can work wonders for creating a calming space for daily reflection.

You probably want to feel calm, relaxed, comfortable, and maybe even mystical. What colors and symbols do you see? What type of lighting, seating, or plant life would make you feel more at peace?

Use this inspiration to get creative and craft a sacred space that will inspire you to pause and breathe every day. Remember that the best budget meditation decor can be found online or secondhand at local thrift stores.

Ultimately, the most successful meditation practices are all about ritual. How can you incorporate small daily rituals into your meditation area for more inner peace?


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