Interview: Eryn Johnson

2018 is the year of growth for The Yoga Nomads! With that said, we are ecstatic to introduce you to the newest member of our team, Eryn Johnson.

Eryn comes to us from the east coast of the United States and will be contributing as a Staff Writer. Her interests range from world travel, tarot, and reiki among many other things that spark her curiosity!

We look forward to reading her perspective and how it shapes her thoughts of the yoga world.


Who ARE you?

I’m Eryn, and I’m a creative and healer currently based in Philadelphia. I do a lot of things— I’m a trauma-conscious yoga teacher, a reiki practitioner, and a tarot reader but the common thread of all things I do is to use these tools to come home to myself and to help others come home to themselves, too.


How did yoga find you?

Yoga found me when I was working out at the gym in college. The class schedule on the wall caught my eye when I was on my way out, and I saw that there was a yoga class on Saturday. I’d gone to a 5 am yoga class once when I was 13 with a friend whose dad was teaching the class, but we both fell asleep and I hadn’t thought about yoga for a single second since then.

I went to the class and it was really hard. I felt stupid. I had no idea what was going on. But I immediately loved it, and started doing yoga videos on YouTube every single day— and I’ve probably done yoga every day since then.


What are your daily rituals?

Ritual has become a big part of my life in the past few years. Every morning, I write down my dreams, give myself reiki, draw a tarot card or do a spread for myself, and do some yoga with deep belly breathing. Every night, I write in my moon journal, tracking how I felt emotionally, physically, and spiritually along with the phase of the moon and its astrological sign.

Less esoterically, I’m a big smoothie fan so making a smoothie every morning listening to good music or a podcast is my favorite way to start the day.


What is something that very few people know about you?

One of my biggest practices over the past few years has been allowing myself to be deeply seen. So there really isn’t much that I hide! I think something very few people know about me, though, is that I wrote a novel when I was in middle school.


What is the most memorable place you’ve traveled to and why?

I hate to be cliche but I’m definitely going to have to say India, for so many reasons.

India was one of my first solo trips, and it was such a catalyst for my growth on so many levels.  The culture is so rich and incredible, and I just felt so connected to ancient history and mysticism while I was there.

I went to yoga school to get my 200 hour certification while I was there (in Rishikesh), and that’s where I got really interested in goddess traditions, chanting, and ritual. That’s where I felt like I had found my people for the first time— people who wanted to do something meaningful with their lives, people who felt deeply connected to spirit, people who believed in the power of yoga and spirituality, and wanted to use it to transform for themselves and for the greater good of the collective.

That trip was one of the first times where I felt completely free, where I felt connected to the cosmos and to myself, and where I really started to understand the universal truth of our interconnectedness. I get so nostalgic when I talk about that trip because it really did change everything for me!


What are your interests outside of writing, yoga and travel?

So many! Currently I’m loving hosting in-person workshops and creating community in Philadelphia. But I also love podcasting, reading tarot for myself and others, doing reiki, and learning in all its forms. I love taking courses and reading books, and at any point in time I’m probably taking at least 1 course and reading at least 5 books.

I love building altars, exploring astrology, doing intuitive painting, cooking vegan food, doing ecstatic dance, taking walks, doing moon rituals, and connecting with nature in any way I can (which is definitely an exercise in creativity since I live in the city!).


Are there any other projects you’re currently working on?

I’m always working on my podcast for mystics and seekers, Living Open, where we talk about all kinds of spiritual and metaphysical topics like herbalism, tarot, conscious sexuality, and more. I’m teaching tarot yoga workshops around the city, where we connect with the energy of a specific archetype of the tarot (such as the Queen of Wands) through intuitive yoga movement, breath, mudra, chanting, and journaling. At the moment, I’m working on bringing that into an online series of classes as well!


What type of content are you planning to focus on for TYN?

At the moment, I’m really passionate about sharing trauma conscious yoga with other teachers, all things yin yoga, and growing your yoga business so I’m excited to share those things with the TYN community. Having a location independent business has been one of the greatest gifts in my life and I love sharing how to do that with other people!


What are your astrological signs?

Libra sun, Aries moon, and Virgo rising— but my chart is also really water dominant with a lot of my planets in Scorpio so I’ve always felt very Scorpion!


What are you currently reading?

Boundaries and Protection by Pixie Lighthorse, 78 Degrees of Wisdom by Rachel Pollack, and I’m always reading Many Moons by Sarah Faith Gottesdiener.


What’s on your travel bucket list?

I really want to explore more of Africa— so far I’ve been to Egypt and Kenya, but I’m definitely eyeing South Africa and Nigeria. I want to go to China and to explore the more Nordic countries in Europe— Denmark and Sweden, specifically. I’m also feeling really drawn to explore more of the US at the moment— I’m currently planning a trip to Salem and I’m eyeing Portland for later this year.


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    Dear Eryn
    I am 60 years old and would like to train as a yoga teacher. The problem for me is when I join in my local yoga classes, sometimes I am unable to fully engage into a pose due to stiffness or I may not be able to sustain a position for long. Would this stop me from being able to teach yoga?
    Hazel Fulton


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