I walked out of my first yoga class

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5 years ago I walked into my first yoga class. 20 minutes in, I rolled up my mat and walked out.

It wasn’t until a year and a half ago that I returned to my mat.

I didn’t have an instant connection with yoga.  It took time for me to understand what the “mumbo jumbo” during class was really all about.  It took even more time for me to understand it’s truly about the journey inward – rather than how you look in a pose.

Yoga was very intimidating to me before I started a consistent practice.  It seemed as though every yogi should be an incense burning, OM chanting, overly flexible vegan.  The truth is, ANYONE can DO yoga.  Part of the journey is discovering what style of yoga suits you, and a space in which you feel most comfortable.  I recommend starting slow and going in with an open mind.

And yes, yoga is more than just a stretching class. And no, you don’t have to be flexible to practice yoga.

Initially, I was drawn to the physical practice of yoga, like many other Westerners. The many styles of yoga will absolutely help you build strength and flexibility in your body, but its many benefits far exceed the physical.  After about a month of practicing consistently, I started realizing yoga was also creating flexibility and calmness in my mind while teaching me how to stay present.  Learning to live in the moment and focusing on being here now, has had a huge impact on my life.

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I began realizing yoga is the practice of many things; not just the postures.  It’s become even more of a mental practice, than a physical practice for me. Everything that I’ve practiced on my mat, I’ve been able to take off my mat which in turn has led me to make drastic life changes.  Most recently I’ve been practicing non-attachment to specific outcomes, letting go and staying present.

Yoga is everywhere. It’s in everything I do and everyone I see. Through my yoga practice, I’ve experienced a transformation like no other as it’s helped me peel back the endless layers of my existence to discover what I’m really made of within.  It’s helped me face my fears and take charge of my life.

Yoga can be an extremely powerful tool in your overall well being and happiness.

Give it a shot. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up like me and teach it someday.

Tell me, what were your first reactions to yoga?

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About Anne

Anne is a passionate yogi who loves to be active outdoors. When she's not traveling to destinations near the equator to practice yoga and eat tropical fruit, you can find her in the kitchen cooking up nourishing meals with her partner, Brandon. A music junkie at heart, she is currently spinning: Tor, Hiatus, Friend. and Giyo.

8 thoughts on “I walked out of my first yoga class”

  1. Haha not quite 🙂 I’ve been a consistent practitioner for a little over a year and a half now. Going on 8 months of teaching. Are you a practitioner too?

  2. I have been practicing regularly since October. The biggest blessing for me has been improved posture and flexibility. I had been experiencing chronic shoulder and neck pain, which has greatly reduced. As a 51 year old woman my balance seemed to be getting worse. But now that too has improved. I am a long way from the complete postures demonstrated, but find joy in the subtle improvements along the way! Thanks for your encouragement that other aspects in my life can also be impacted by my practice!

    • I’m so glad to hear yoga has positively impacted your life so far, Eileen! It’s a journey for everyone and for everyone it’s different! Happy to hear you’re a dedicated practitioner and open to the experiences it has to offer.

  3. I have tried a few of the yoga videos on DVD and online but it never quite caught on with me. Not sure why but I do know I plan on taking a few beginner classes up the road from here. Do you have any post here about yoga mats or gear or what to wear or maybe even better yet, what to expect when I walk into my first class?

    • Hey Mark! That is a GREAT idea for a post about what to expect upon entering your first yoga class. Consider the draft started. 🙂 Local gyms are a great way to get started, but any yoga studio will be accommodating to the beginner and help get you started. I think I prefer attending a class in person because you’re able to understand alignment better than online, but if you want to give online another shot – try http://www.doyogawithme.com – a great site for yoga practitioners at all stages in their journey.

  4. Anne – Glad to give you some inspiration. 🙂

    I will check out the online site while I look around. In my case, it helps to kind of get a general idea of what to do before entering a classroom where the teacher can help more specifically. Looking forward to your post.

    • Thanks for the ideas! I hope to post it soon and will certainly let you know. Looking forward to hearing about your experience as well.


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