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  1. Jen Andrews
    Jen Andrews at |

    So does 20 minutes of a yoga class, followed by a 3 and a half year hiatus count as 5 years of practicing yoga?

  2. Eileen
    Eileen at |

    I have been practicing regularly since October. The biggest blessing for me has been improved posture and flexibility. I had been experiencing chronic shoulder and neck pain, which has greatly reduced. As a 51 year old woman my balance seemed to be getting worse. But now that too has improved. I am a long way from the complete postures demonstrated, but find joy in the subtle improvements along the way! Thanks for your encouragement that other aspects in my life can also be impacted by my practice!

  3. Mark
    Mark at |

    I have tried a few of the yoga videos on DVD and online but it never quite caught on with me. Not sure why but I do know I plan on taking a few beginner classes up the road from here. Do you have any post here about yoga mats or gear or what to wear or maybe even better yet, what to expect when I walk into my first class?
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  4. Mark
    Mark at |

    Anne – Glad to give you some inspiration. 🙂

    I will check out the online site while I look around. In my case, it helps to kind of get a general idea of what to do before entering a classroom where the teacher can help more specifically. Looking forward to your post.


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