How to Choose the Right Yoga Teacher Training

A yoga teacher training is a big investment of your time, money, and energy.

So of course, you want to choose the right teacher training for you.

Investing a little time in figuring out what’s right for you will pay off dividends in the future, when you’ve finished your training and are fully equipped with the skills you need to create the yoga business you’re dreaming of.

This article will share tips for choosing the right yoga teacher training.

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Key questions to ask yourself to get started

First and foremost, clarify your intentions for doing a yoga teacher training in the first place. Do you want to simply deepen your own yoga practice? Do you want to teach in studios? Do you dream of offering yoga retreats or being a traveling yoga teacher? Do you want to have some other kind of yoga business?

Ask yourself:

  • What do I want to gain from this teacher training?
  • What do I hope to be doing in the yoga world a year from now? Two years from now? Five years from now?

Of course, your intentions can change. But clarifying your vision at this time can be really helpful.


Do what feels good

There are three key components to ‘doing what feels good.’ They are:

  • The style of yoga
  • The yoga studio hosting the training
  • The instructors offering the training

The style of yoga, the yoga studio, and the instructors should all resonate with you. You don’t want to get two out of the three right and find yourself in a training with a style you love at a studio you love but with teachers who don’t resonate with you at all.

The best way to find out what resonates?

Try it out! Talk with the instructors who are teaching and make sure you attend their classes before committing to the training. Experience the studio and this should go without saying but I’ll say it anyway, make sure the style of yoga the training is offering is one you really want to teach!

If you dream of teaching yin yoga, don’t sign up for a vinyasa training (even if you love the teacher) expecting to be able to teach yin yoga afterward. 

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Think about the logistics

Don’t forget about the logistics like the location, pricing, and length of the training.

When it comes to length, there are different formats. Many yoga teacher trainings are on weekends throughout a year. Others are set up so that you spend a month in an immersive experience. Others are a combination of both, such as mostly weekend trainings with a culmination at a week away somewhere.

Ask yourself: What fits best with my lifestyle? What can I comfortably commit to and follow through on?

Location is another key thing to consider. How far are you willing to travel for a training? Does it make more sense for your post teacher training goals to do a training at a studio in your city, where you could potentially teach after?

And of course, don’t forget about price. How much are you willing to spend on a teacher training? Spoiler alert: they’re not cheap. But regardless of whether you want to teach or not, you can think of a training as an investment: in your personal development and possibly your career.

With that being said, look at different options and see what feels right. Most studios will have some type of payment plan available, so take advantage of it!


Consider the curriculum

Not all yoga teacher trainings are the same. Some will offer a business of yoga section and some will spend more time on anatomy or philosophy. What is most important to you?

Re-visit your intentions from the beginning of this article to help you decide. If you want to create a yoga business, a business of yoga section in the training could be important to you. If you’re more interested in a training to deepen your personal practice, a philosophy focus might matter to you more than in-depth anatomy and sequencing.

This is why it’s so wonderful that there are so many different yoga teacher trainings available: there truly is something for everyone’s different needs.


One last thing

Another great thing to do when considering trainings is to talk to students who graduated from the training. Just ask the instructors and they should be happy to connect you!

Find out what they loved about the training, what they feel the gaps in learning were (and every training will have gaps! You just want to make sure the gaps aren’t in an area that’s really important to you), and what they’re doing now.

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In the end, a yoga teacher training is a really personal decision that only you can make. The training should be a full yes in your mind and your heart.

Yoga teachers: how did you choose your yoga teacher training? What do you wish you knew when you were working through the process? Comment below and share your wisdom! 


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