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  1. Rene YepYoga
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    Nice post! My two cents

    * Read reviews on facebook, google plus and the yoga alliance site
    * Thailand (Chiang mai, koh pagnan) has also several schools
    * the ytt’s in ubud are very, very expensive
    * ytt’s in India tend to neglect westrrn anatomy. Easy to do yourself wit di books and youtube
    * have a regular practice before you start (3 a 4 times a week for at least three months) and get a base of the theory (think Iyengar’s Light on yoga)

  2. Dean
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    Hi Anne

    In Australia the most reputable Yoga Teacher Training organisation is the IYTA, International Yoga Teachers Association.

    I have had accreditation with the 3 largest and most credible training organisations in Australia over the years and IYTA consistently stands out as the place to get comprehensive Yoga Teacher training and they have the best Student/Teacher support.

    IYTA is more like a “family” than an overseeing body. Always helpful and they work with you on a heart to heart level.

    All the best


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