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hire a yoga business coach

This is a guest post by Jenna Lewins, the creator of The Exploring Yogini. Jenna is a traveling yoga teacher originally from Minnesota. 

If you’re new to the yoga business or a seasoned professional, starting a new project or chasing a dream can be daunting. Where do I begin? Is my dream actually attainable? What if I fail?  Self-doubt starts creeping in…

If you’re a struggling yoga professional, I want you to pay attention. With proper action, today’s topic will transform your business.

Before we get started, I am not a coach. I am simply a new(ish) yoga teacher that wants to share how transformational hiring a coach has been in my business.

But first…

What is a Coach?

Let’s start with a definition…

A coach is someone that assists you in accomplishing your goals.

Coaches are professionals that meet with you periodically (weekly, monthly, etc.) to help you achieve a desired outcome. It’s hard to completely define a coach, because they can take many different forms. Some coaches help you learn a specific thing, some focus on goal setting and holding you accountable, others combine both. 

Since they’re serving you, they assist you in whatever way that you’d like. Through proper planning, these meetings will help you improve your current performance.

A coach helps you unlock your potential

Typically, you’ll work with your coach anywhere from 6 months to a year. Sometimes longer and sometimes shorter. You can meet with your coach either in-person or online through Skype calls. You can hire a yoga business coach, a marketing & branding coach, a personal life coach, etc.! There is a no shortage of the different types of coaches! Pro Tip

: Before you have your first meeting with your coach, create objective goals to discuss with your coach. Objective goals are specific, measurable, & have a completion date. Being prepared for each meeting allows you to get the most benefits from your meeting.

My results from working with my coach:

Since I began working with my yoga business coach 5 months ago, my business is flourishing. I have grown my email list by 78%. I’ve taught yoga in several cities in Minnesota & a pop-up class in Wisconsin. I secured a yoga gig in Mexico. Additionally, I’ve expanded my yoga network by 15 people. And that’s only the beginning!

hire a coach for your yoga business

How Does a Coach Support You?

Short answer

: They help you achieve your goals at a faster rate.

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They are someone who has ACCOMPLISHED goals similar to those that you’d like to complete. A great coach will not only help you determine strategies to help you reach your goals, but also discuss their strategies & barriers they faced. This means that you can avoid their mistakes & learn the same lessons quickly.

A proper coach will save you time! (time is money

 As a business owner, you have a million & a half tasks on your to-do list. The faster you learn, the more rapid your growth will be.

Personal example: I am an aspiring global yoga teacher. Over the last five months, my coach has told me the exact steps on how he become a global yoga teacher. He leads workshops & trainings around the world. Learning from his personal experience makes it so much easier!

Your coach holds you accountable.

Your coach will encourage you to write down your goals & set deadlines. Thus making each goal an objective goal. When you discuss your dreams out-loud & set deadlines, your dreams seem more attainable & give you motivation to achieve them. Additionally, you will brainstorm various tactics to reach each goal.  Every month, you will check in and discuss your progress on your goals & if your goals have changed. Discussing your challenges, barriers, & success’ have many benefits. Discussing what’s stopping you from accomplishing your goals can be therapeutic.  Discussion also allows you to explore new alternative routes to take.  Celebrate your wins! Rewarding yourself is how you keep your momentum alive!

Hire a Coach to Transform your Yoga Business 1Pin me first? Then keep reading! 🙂

Coaches can provide emotional support.

I’ve recently realized that when I voice my fears, challenges, & pain, I can let go of these feelings much easier. It’s so important to be free of these emotions so that we can welcome in healing & happiness. When we’re not feeling grounded and we are distracted by pain, it’s hard to be successful with our goals.For example: My summer was physically, emotionally, & mentally draining. My yoga business was put on hold while I attended to other aspects of my life. Relatedly, I wasn’t utilizing my business coach for my yoga business. Instead, he listened to my concerns, added insight on how to make the most of my situation, and was a source of positive light in a dark time. If you want to read more about my summer, it includes an emergency surgery, another invasive surgery, and making a million dollars off of the Total Solar Eclipse, go here.

yoga business coach

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Who should you hire as a coach?

At the very least, your coach should have the following…

Success in the area that you want to grow in.

With the internet, it seems like EVERYONE is a coach. Look for people who have the stats to back up their claims.

Ability to brainstorm with you.

If you’re not sure what you want, that’s ok, find a person who you connect with well. A great coach will give you ideas that will bring you closer to meeting your goals & dreams.  This person should be further along in their journey than you!

Honesty and open-minded.

Your coach should tell you everything that they have learned during their journey. It’s easy to not want to share your strategies with other people… Find a coach that believes in collaboration over competition.

Easy to connect with.

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Find a person whose life-story & values resonate with you. You want to work with someone who you feel comfortable opening up to, yet you’ll respect when they push you out of your comfort zone. Find someone who has strategies and knowledge in the area that you want to excel in.

Once you find that *perfect someone* ask if they offer coaching sessions. If they do, setup a complimentary Skype meeting to ask questions & to see if you’d be a good fit together!

yoga business coach

How will your coach serve you after your coaching calls are finished?

Hiring a coach will have lasting benefits on yourself + your business. You may break negative patterns, grow your income, learn new skills, feel more clear and confident… the potential is endless.

Your coach will have a positive impact on your subconscious mind.

Have you ever heard the quote “You’re the sum of the 5 people closest to you”? Without realizing it, you pick up the habits and thought patterns of the people with whom you associate yourself. Hence, why you don’t want to spend too much time with people who are negative or have other undesirable habits. Choose to spend your time with people who are wiser, who you admire & who are further along on their journey than you. 

A great coach is an excellent addition to your network.

I’ve found that every single yoga job that I have gotten has been through who I know. If you & your coach have similar values, chances are you’ll become friends and discuss personal topics. If your coach is comfortable with it, they can also introduce you to other yoga professionals. Having a coach can lead to other collaboration & partnership opportunities with or without that person!For example

: My yoga business coach has connected me with several yoga teachers & studio owners around the world. Additionally, he welcomed me into his mastermind group and as a host in his Instagram challenge.

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You can write off your coaching for that year’s taxes.

Pretty much all yoga teachers are considered “independent contractors” in the US. As an independent contractor, you have similar tax benefits as a business owner.Ok, what does that mean for me?!You can write off your coaching investment on your taxes! You have to have documentation of reasons why your business will improve from your coaching.  That being said, I am not a tax professional. Please seek assistance from a tax professional.

Yoga Business Coach

Let’s wrap up!

Why struggle if you don’t have to? Create action plans with someone who has already accomplished what you want to. Learn strategies tailored to you & learn business lessons more quickly. You don’t have to accomplish your goals alone. Commit to yourself by hiring a coach! I am confident it will transform your yoga business.Thank you so much for allowing me to serve you! If you have any questions about hiring a coach, please do not hesitate to send me an email at [email protected]!



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Jenna is a wanderlusting nature-lover spreading light and inspiring you to explore through travel and yoga. Jenna is the writer and creator of The Exploring Yogini. It’s the space for travel hacks, adventure planning, and yoga inspiration!

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Hire a Coach to Transform your Business

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