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  1. James J Finn
    James J Finn at |

    Great post! I’m researching a trip to the Philippines, which has notoriously unreliable internet access. How does a backpacking nomad-preneur reliably access the net while traversing the globe?

  2. The Bearded One
    The Bearded One at |

    Great post. Thanks.

    A question: Is it really necessary for an external HD? I mean, isn’t it better to just save your stuff to the cloud?

    Thanks for posting about the maca and creatine. I need to read up on those a little more, but it seems I’m missing out on some good stuff.
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  3. Evan
    Evan at |

    Hey, great post!
    Just one question:
    How do you pack a pocket knife if you’re​ only doing carry on? You’ve mentioned it in your packing list, but I didn’t think airport security would allow you to have one.

  4. Pete
    Pete at |

    Hi, I enjoyed your article. Found it very thorough, I have a question about the bag choice though. You say that you take an Outbreaker as a carry on bag but you also use a Datsuhara as a daypack. Do you mean you choose one to take depending on your travel or take one in the other? Generally as carry on you’re only allowed one bag or so I thought?


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