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diamond april birthstone

The traditional and modern birthstone for April, the diamond is one of the most famous and prized stones of all time. Its simple yet powerful beauty can seduce anyone, which is why so many famous and historical people were in love with this gemstone.

The diamond is made of a single element, carbon, making it the hardest and most durable among precious stones. In fact, a Diamond’s structure is 58 times harder than anything else formed in nature. This is why its symbolism of eternal love is even more significant and romantic.

The Diamond Origins

April’s birthstone Diamond has been around for billions of years, and it takes that much to be formed. Finding it in nature is not so simple, either. Diamonds are thrust to the earth’s surface through volcanic eruptions.

In the beginning, the birthstone was found in rivers and streams in India. Being highly demanded and requested, it was mined very quickly and became a rare and expensive gemstone. The next source of diamonds was discovered in Brazil, followed by South Africa. In addition to South Africa and other African nations, today, around 35 different countries worldwide are major producers of rough diamonds.

The name Diamond originates from the Greek word “Adamas,” meaning invincible and indestructible. On the Mohs hardness scale, the diamond is 10 and can only be cut with another diamond. So the April birthstone is, indeed, indestructible and the strongest material made in nature.

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Famous Diamonds throughout History

As rare, highly-priced, and magnificent gemstones, Diamonds were and still are worn by royalty and wealthy people around the world. Today one of the most famous Diamonds can be seen and worshiped in museums and are part of Crown Jewels.

The Blue Hope Diamond

The Hope Diamond is a blue 65.5 carats Diamond found in India’s Golconda mining area in the 1600s. It was originally purchased by King Louis XIV of France. The stone was cut from its initial 112 carats form and named the Blue Diamond of the Crown in France. However, during the French Revolution, the stone vanished and appeared 20 years later under the name “The Hope Diamond.”

In the early 1900s, there were rumors about the gem being cursed and bringing bad luck to its owners. However, like with many other myths, the scholars assumed the lore was only started in the hope of increasing the stone’s worth.

Nowadays, this exquisite piece can be found in The Smithsonian Institution, the Museum of Natural History, as a donation from its last owner Harry Winston.

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The Cullinan Diamond

The Cullinan Diamond is the largest gem-quality rough diamond ever found. It was discovered in South Africa’s premier mine, No.2, in 1905. They named the stone weighing 3106.75 carats after Thomas Cullinan, the mine owner. The original stone was cut into 105 separate Diamonds, including the Cullinan 1 and 2.

King Edward positioned the Cullinan I in the Sovereign’s Royal Sceptre and on display with the other Crown Jewels in the Tower of London.

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The Great Star of Africa

The second largest diamond in the world is The Great Star of Africa, also known as Cullinan 1. As the supreme symbol of power, the 530.4-carat gemstone is the top piece in the Sceptre and Cross in the British Royal Crown.

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The Elizabeth Taylor Diamond

Previously known as the Krupp’s Diamond, the 33 carats blue-white diamond was owned by a German actress, Vera Krupp. Back in 1959, the ring was worth a fortune or around $275,000, and it was quite a scandal when it was ripped off her finger and stolen on April 10, the same year. Luckily it was happily restored and returned to its owner.

After the death of Vera Krupp, the ring was actionable and bought for the price of $307,000 by Richard Burton, then spouse of famous actress Elizabeth Tyler. You would think this is not a piece of jewelry for everyday wear, but Elizabeth Taylor was seen wearing the ring on her left hand almost every day. That is how the diamond was renamed, and although some might expect it, this wasn’t a diamond engagement ring. On the contrary, Burton gave Elizabeth several exquisite diamond pieces, including the famous Taylor Burton Diamond, during their marriage.

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The Taylor Burton Diamond

The original diamond was found in 1966 in South Africa’s premier mine. Richard Burton bought the 68-carat pear-shaped white diamond ring for his wife Elizabeth back in 1969. It was auctioned by jeweler Cartier and sold for the price of $1,050,000, setting a record price for a publicly sold piece of jewelry.

In addition, this was Elizabeth’s first time admitting that the diamond was too big to wear as a ring. So she had Cartier remount the stone as a pendant and wore it as a necklace, making quite the appearance on Princess Grace of Monaco’s 40th birthday.

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Legends and Metaphysical Properties of the April Birthstone

Due to their strength and durability, diamonds are the symbol of eternal love. Moreover, when we add to their mesmerizing beauty and worth, it is no wonder they make the perfect engagement rings. In fact, the very first diamond engagement ring was given by Archduke Maximillian of Austria to his loved one, Mary of Burgundy, in 1477.

However, these precious stones are not just birthstone jewelry and wedding rings. They are also traditional gifts to celebrate the 60th and 75th wedding anniversaries.

When it comes to this rare gem and its healing powers, wearing diamonds is thought to give mental clarity and serve as a protective gemstone from physical harm. In addition, it was once believed to have the power to ward off the evil eye – a malicious look powerful enough to cause sickness, poverty, and even death over someone.

In the past, some ancient civilizations assumed that diamonds were the tears of God or were created by lighting. The word for lighting in Sanskrit is “vajra,” and also how they named the diamond. Similarly, in Hindu mythology, the weapon used by Indra, the king of Gods, was also called “vajra” and believed to be the strongest weapon ever known.

Furthermore, in the past, the April birthstone was used as a remedy and cure against poisons and was thought to be able to protect the people against the life treating plague. Also, during the Middle Ages, diamonds were considered powerful enough to cure ailments of the pituitary gland and brain disease.

Finally, wearing diamonds is also thought to offer strength, confidence, balance, beauty, and happiness.

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How to Take Care of Your Diamond

Diamonds are 10 on the Mohs scale, meaning they are the strongest and most durable among other gemstones. This means it is safe to use an ultrasonic cleaner, but only if your diamond is without many inclusions or has been treated. To simplify things, like with the rest of your stones, you can also use warm water, mild soap, and a soft toothbrush to make sure your birthstone shines bright like a diamond.

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Is diamond the only birthstone for April?

Different cultures had differing birthstone calendars, so the diamond is not the only gem associated with April birthstones, although it is the traditional birthstone. In 1912 the American National Association of Jewelers developed a modern birthstones list dedicating different stones to each month.

The list differed from the traditional, mainly by including only transparent gems. However, unofficially April has three birthstones. The three gemstones are diamond, sapphire, and opal. In addition, the sapphire was an April birthstone in Ancient times and is a traditional September birthstone. On the other hand, opal is the mystical April birthstone and a modern birthstone for October.

Ancient Greeks highly favored the stone and saw it as a source of wisdom.

What is April birthstone color?

Diamond, the birthstone for April, is clear or white. While clear diamonds would be the most common, the diamond’s color can also be yellow, blue, pink, and green.

They are also known as Fancy Colored diamonds, and if the color is natural and not produced in the lab, these birthstones’ price and value can significantly go up compared to other gemstones.

Who is the Zodiac sign assigned to April’s birthstone?

Before the modern list, legends reveal that the idea of birthstones dates back to biblical times when the 12 stones also symbolized the 12 Zodiac signs.

Accordingly, a Zodiac sign was assigned for each birthstone, and for April, that would be Aries and Taurus. In addition, wearing diamond jewelry can increase the stone’s healing powers for people born under these signs with April’s birthdays. 

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