The Best Healing Crystals For Pisces + When And How To Use Them

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Crystals For Pisces

Creative, intuitive, and empathic, the Pisces zodiac sign has many wonderful traits. These soft-natured beings think deeply and are naturally trusting of everyone they meet.

However, as emotions typically run high for this sun sign, Pisces people can experience mood swings, take on other people’s negativity, and easily get hurt.

Crystal healing helps to enhance a zodiac sign’s positive traits while lessening the negative ones. So what crystals are beneficial for Pisces? Read on to discover the best Pisces crystals and what purpose to use them for.

What Is The Pisces Zodiac Sign?

The water sign Pisces is the zodiac sign for people born between February 19 and March 20. It is symbolized by two fish swimming in opposite directions, representing the conflicting emotions Pisces people can feel and their difficulty distinguishing between fantasy and reality.

The Pisces sun sign is ruled by the planet Neptune, which represents the mystical realm and governs our dreams, psychic powers, and creative pursuits. This explains why people with the Pisces sun sign can be creative and big dreamers.

As one of the water signs, the Pisces energy is emotional, and those with this sun sign are very in tune with their emotions and those of others. This makes them highly intuitive, compassionate, and empathetic.

However, the emotional Pisces energy can also be harmful, as people with this star sign are typically prone to mood swings. As a result, they can be emotionally unstable, which can cause indecisiveness, and as a result, they can appear lazy.

Here is an overview of the main Pisces qualities.

Positive Pisces qualities

  • Intuitive
  • Creative
  • Imaginative
  • Empathetic
  • Compassionate
  • Highly connected to the spiritual realm

Negative Pisces traits

  • Emotionally unstable or imbalanced
  • Overly sensitive
  • Indecisive or flaky
  • Tendency to escape situations rather than face them
  • Lazy and lacking motivation

Top 10 Pisces Stone & Crystals

image 3 51

So what are the best crystals for Pisces people? The following 10 gemstones will enhance this Pisces sun sign’s positive qualities while diminishing the negative traits.

Quick Picks

  1. Best Overall – Aquamarine
  2. Best For Spiritual Healing – Amethyst
  3. Best For Intuition & Self-Expression – Sodalite
  4. Best For Personal Growth – Labradorite
  5. Best For Grounding – Black Onyx
  6. Best For Courage – Bloodstone
  7. Best For Protection From Negative Energy – Red Jasper
  8. Best For Creative Expression – Lapis Lazuli
  9. Best For Energy Purification – Clear Quartz
  10. Best For Harmonious Relationships – Rose Quartz

Best Overall – Aquamarine

image 3 52

The aquamarine gemstone is the primary Pisces birthstone, associated with March. It possesses a highly calming energy and promotes emotional balance and stability. As it is related to the heart chakra, it also guides Pisces people in love and relationships, helping them avoid conflict yet find the confidence to speak up about their wants and needs.

This stone is also super helpful for an overactive heart chakra, something many people with the Pisces zodiac sign have. As Pisces people tend to be so empathetic, they can become overwhelmed by the emotions and problems of others. Aquamarine helps to balance this and shields them from absorbing negative energy from those around them.

When to use aquamarine

Use this Pisces gemstone whenever you feel highly emotional. Moreover, if you suffer from frequent mood swings, I recommend wearing this soothing aquamarine bracelet so you can absorb the healing properties all day long.

Best For Spiritual Healing – Amethyst

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The Amethyst crystal is another of the Pisces birthstones, associated with February, the beginning of the Pisces season. Thus, this stone is ideal for the early Pisces people. Linked to the crown chakra, Amethyst carries highly spiritual energy and promotes inner peace, creativity, and self-confidence.

Pisces can often struggle to differentiate between fantasy and reality, so Amethyst can give you the mental clarity you need to put your ideas into action so you can turn your dreams into reality. As a mighty stone, it also helps calm the sensitive Pisces’ extreme emotions while enhancing psychic intuition.

When to use Amethyst

Because of its association with the crown chakra, this is a lovely stone to use in meditation and other spiritual practices. Meditate with this stone whenever you feel stuck in your head or have a million ideas but don’t know how to execute them.

Best For Intuition & Self-Expression – Sodalite

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Linked to the throat and third eye chakra, Sodalite can help Pisces people overcome their insecurities and inner conflicts and trust their inner voice.

Although the Pisces energy is very intuitive, it can be challenging for this zodiac sign to listen to and follow their inner knowing when emotions run high. Thus, this crystal can help you find more understanding and self-acceptance.

Sodalite also helps to release blockages in the throat chakra, so this stone can enhance your confidence in your ability to express yourself. In addition, it soothes nerves, clears your mind, and helps you connect to your personal power, helping you to share your voice.

When to use Sodalite

Use Sodalite when your mind feels chaotic, or you struggle to decide something. Moreover, meditating with this crystal or putting a sodalite worry stone under your pillow while you sleep will clear the mental fog and awaken you to the power within you.

Best For Personal Growth – Labradorite

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Labradorite is the stone of transformation. Labradorite looks like a regular rock in its raw form, but when polished, a stunning opalescent sheen is revealed. Thus, this crystal is one of the most spiritual stones for Pisces, heightening your intuition and promoting self-reflection.

This magical stone is ideal for the dreamy Pisces who are often stuck in their own emotions and struggle to see the reality of a situation. Working with Labradorite will help you uncover the true intentions of those around you and find the root of your (and others’) actions and behaviors.

Thus, this stone can help you uncover and break bad habits, avoid toxic relationships, and learn valuable lessons to enhance your personal growth.

When to use Labradorite

Meditate with this stone whenever you need to make a decision or if you cannot determine the true intentions of someone in your life. You can also use it during reflection exercises and rituals.

Best For Grounding – Black Onyx

image 3 56

Black Onyx is a powerful root chakra healing stone that keeps you grounded and centered, necessary for the dreamy Pisces who can easily detach from reality. This black Pisces stone also promotes mental strength, stability, and stamina to help you through challenging times and protect you from negative energies.

When to use black onyx

Use this Pisces stone when battling depression, fear, sadness, or anxiety. It will help to neutralize these negative emotions and give you the strength, courage, and positive energy you need to overcome whatever you are facing. I recommend wearing this black onyx crystal pendant around your neck so it is always close to your physical body.

Best For Courage – Bloodstone

image 3 57

Bloodstone gives Pisces people the confidence and courage to trust and believe in themselves. As the Pisces energy can sometimes make people a pushover, this stone helps them find and connect to their personal power and stand up for themselves.

Bloodstone is also grounding and protective, shielding you from the negative energies of others and your own energy too.

When to use bloodstone

Use bloodstone in situations where you feel anxious or out of your depth. Plus, wearing bloodstone crystal jewelry like this amulet will remind you to focus on your strengths rather than your weaknesses and not let others walk over you.

Best For Protection From Negative Energy – Red Jasper

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Red Jasper is another excellent Pisces birthstone for protection from toxic energy, both internally and externally. This powerful crystal not only draws out negativity but it draws positive energies to your aura.

Res Jasper also serves as a stone of support during troubling times, as it will keep you grounded and in control, not letting your emotions overwhelm you.

When to use Red jasper

Use this Pisces crystal during and after challenging times and traumatic events when your vibration is low and your energy is dark. You can also use it during times of high stress (regardless of the cause) and whenever you feel you lack support.

Best For Creative Expression – Lapis Lazuli

image 3 59

This indigo-colored stone Lapis Lazuli is associated with the throat and third eye chakra, so it has similar properties as Sodalite. It aids self-expression, strengthens communication, and boosts intuition.

Lapis Lazuli is also known as the “Performer’s Stone,” As many Pisces people pursue creative arts, this crystal is ideal for writers, performers, actors, musicians, etc.

When to use Lapis Lazuli

If you work in the creative field, you’ll surely want this stone on hand whenever you experience a creative block. This stone will clear your mind and help you go deeper into yourself, aiding creative expression.

I recommend keeping this Gem Stone Sphere on your work desk to keep yourself in the creative flow while working.

Best For Energy Purification – Clear Quartz

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Clear Quartz is a wonderful crystal for many zodiac signs, including Pisces. It is excellent for mental clarity, focus, and energy purification. It can cleanse your thoughts and energy and assist in spiritual or emotional healing. As Pisces tends to see the worst in situations, Clear Quartz will help you see things more positively.

When to use clear quartz

Use clear Quartz if you are struggling with anxiety or guilt, as this stone can purify negative emotions like this. This is also one of the best Pisces crystals if you are looking to heal from past trauma or retrieve childhood memories. The cleansing properties of Clear Quartz will both assist and speed up the healing process.

Best For Harmonious Relationships – Rose Quartz

image 3 61

Rose quartz is the last of the best Pisces crystals and is particularly beneficial for love and relationships. As this is one of the heart chakra zodiac crystals, it can help you find more harmony in your relationships and less conflict, something Pisces detests.

It also boosts the typically Pisces’ loving qualities but can help to soothe an overactive heart charka, which is common with this sun sign. Moreover, it enhances self-love and self-worth, helping you create the relationships you deserve.

When to use Rose quartz

You can wear Rose Quartz as jewelry, such as this healing pendant, at all times. Wearing rose Quartz as a necklace keeps the Pisces birthstone close to the heart chakra, maximizing its qualities.

Conclusion: What Is The Best Stone For The Pisces Sign?

These ten crystals for Pisces are all excellent options if you are born between February 19 and March 20. However, if you want an all-around awesome Pisces birthstone, I recommend Aquamarine as it is particularly good at balancing emotions, something many Pisces struggle with!

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