The 15 Best Crystals For Grief & How To Use Them

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Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

Dealing with the loss of a loved one is one of the most challenging situations we face in life. It can feel like grief overwhelms us, our mental health plummets, and we lose all joy and purpose.

There is no magic fix to make the heartbreak of grief go away. Nor is there a fast track to the other side of the pain. We all grieve at our own pace, and to ensure we heal fully, we should never try to rush the grieving process.

However, that’s not to say nothing can ease our pain.

Healing crystals have been used for centuries to guide people through challenging circumstances like grief. But every crystal and gemstone has unique properties, so if you’re turning to crystal healing to overcome feelings of loss, you’ll want to know the best healing crystals for grief.

In this article, I’ll share the top 15 crystals to help with grief, many of which I have personally used and found comfort in myself. And be sure to read until the end, as I’ll share the best ways to use these crystals to heal emotional wounds.

Top 15 Crystals For Grief

The following 15 healing crystals will help you navigate the challenge of losing a loved one, no matter which emotions you are currently dealing with or which stage of your grieving process you are at.

Quick Picks

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Rose Quartz
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Pink Opal
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Smoky Quartz
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Apache Tears

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Dalmatian Jasper
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Black Onyx
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Black Tourmaline
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Clear Quartz
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Best For Self-Love And Forgiveness – Rose Quartz

image 3 34

Rose Quartz possesses an incredibly calming energy and is particularly good for overcoming angry feelings and self-blame. As the stone of emotional balance, the Rose Quartz’s gentle energies and healing vibrations remind you to be kinder to yourself and practice self-love during the complex grieving process.

Rose Quartz has many calming properties, so meditating with the healing crystal helps to soothe your heart and soul. It is also one of the heart chakra stones, promoting self-compassion, unconditional love, kindness, and gratitude.

Because of its loving energy, an excellent way to work with this stone is to use the BAIMEI Jade Roller for self-massage.

Best For Finding Inner Peace- Pink Opal

image 3 35

As another heart chakra stone, pink opal evokes loving and calm energy to help you move through all stages of the healing process. It will help you be kind and compassionate to yourself as you are grieving, which will enable you to find inner peace and self-confidence.

You can use the Zenkeeper Pink Opal Crystal Wand to heal heart chakra energy or wear the stone in jewelry, such as the Gempires Pink Opal Beads Necklace.

Best For Reducing Negative Feelings – Lepidolite

image 3 36

Lepidolite is known as the stone of transition, so it is particularly good at helping you move through each stage of the healing process. It has gentle vibrations and soothing energy, which helps bring you into a more balanced and calmer mindset, lessening feelings of depression and anxiety.

Lepidolite can also help you overcome feelings of denial or self-blame, which typically occur in the first phases of the grieving process. In addition, it acts as an emotion stabilizer; thus, it is a beautiful stone to keep on you at all times. I recommend wearing it around your neck as a pendant so the healing stone is close to the heart chakra.

Best For Emotional Comfort – Smoky Quartz

image 3 37

Smoky Quartz boasts very grounding energy, which helps to reduce negative emotions and balance your mood. It also acts as a comforting anchor amid depression and anxiety, keeping you attached to your center and in a place of peace and internal balance.

While Smoky Quartz soothes the spirit, it also boosts your courage to face difficult emotions and situations head-on. Moreover, it helps you process and understand your emotional wounds rather than bury or ignore them.

If you feel ungrounded and like your entire world has been turned upside down, use this Smokey Quartz Natural Healing Crystal Wand on your root chakra to recenter yourself and stabilize your emotions.

Best For Dealing With Emotional Trauma – Rhodonite

image 3 38

Rhodonite is one of the best crystals for grief during the very first stage of the process. When you are feeling shocked, in disbelief, or despair, the gentle healing properties of Rhodonite will help you accept what is happening and find a small amount of mental clarity.

Rhodonite helps minimize destructive emotions like rage and guilt in the first stages of loss. Thus, this stone can stop you from going down the path of self-destruction, and instead, it will gently push you towards acceptance. As a heart chakra stone, Rhodonite will also help you activate compassion inside of yourself to guide you through.

Best For All-Round Mental Health – Apache Tears

image 3 39

It’s not uncommon for the grieving process to entirely throw our mental health off track. Before we realize it, we can quickly end up in a web of depression, anger, and total disconnect. The powerful healing stone Apache Tears will keep you grounded and remove toxic emotions and thoughts, reducing the likelihood of this happening.

The Apache Tear’s healing powers also include spiritual protection, preventing negative energy from entering your aura.

I recommend placing the HARMONIZE Apache Tear Stone Carved Angel on your bedside table. The calming influence of this stone will help you get a good night’s sleep and help you heal emotionally as you rest.

Best For Dispelling Negative Energies – Malachite

image 3 40

Malachite is another wonderful crystal to bring balance to your emotions. It is believed this stone absorbs negative energy, so it is one you’ll want to keep with you at all times.

I recommend this handmade malachite bead bracelet as not only will you feel the healing crystal against your skin, but you’ll get a visual reminder of its healing power each time you look at your hand.

Malachite is related to the heart and throat chakra. So along with its ability to heal your heart, this green stone will help you find the words to express your pain and talk about how you are feeling, a vital part of the emotional healing process.

Best For Moving Through The Anger Stage – Dalmatian Jasper

image 3 41

Named after its unique black spots, the Dalmatian Jasper is one of the most underrated grief crystals. Although it is not so well-known, Dalmatian Jasper helps you find stability and inner peace and removes feelings of disbelief and disillusion in the denial stage of loss.

As one of the most positive comfort crystals, Dalmatian Jasper is perfect for self-massage. This Dalmatian Jasper Hot Massage Palm Stone can be warmed and placed on the back, feet, and various other body parts to help quickly stabilize and balance emotions.

This stone is also suitable for use in the later stages of grief as it evokes positive energy and can help you find joy and purpose again.

Best For Grounding – Black Onyx

image 3 42

Black Onyx is a powerful root chakra crystal that acts as a natural tranquilizer to regulate strong emotions and bring you back to earth. It is also believed to ward off negative thoughts and feelings that can zap your energy.

Moreover, as it enhances self-control and discipline, black onyx can help you stay on track in other areas of your life, which is incredibly difficult during times of loss.

Keep a small raw black onyx crystal in your bag to help you stay grounded during your daily activities. Or wear the stone around your neck, like this BEADNOVA Healing Crystal Necklace.

Best To Dispel Negative Energy – Black Tourmaline

image 3 43

Black Tourmaline has properties similar to black onyx, which can help you feel safe, protected, and grounded. It is particularly good for traumatic situations where you have experienced a loss of your safety. Black tourmaline will help you feel at ease in yourself and the world again.

This protective stone creates an energy shield around your aura, only allowing positive energies. It also eases anger and frustration and transforms anxious thoughts into a positive outlook. The best way to work with this crystal is by meditating with it.

However, I also highly recommend keeping this Orgone Pyramid in your home during grieving. It helps to draw out negative energies in the environment and balance energy fields. This aids in strengthening your body and raising your vibration.

Best For Gaining Inner Strength – Carnelian

image 3 44

Carnelian has warming and comforting properties that can help you regain inner strength and courage after you have navigated the first, most raw stages of loss. Resembling a glowing flame, Carnelian soothes feelings of loneliness and isolation that come from losing a loved one we were very close to such as a partner or parent.

This stone has the unique healing energy to make you feel supported, even if you lack support from others. Linked to both the root and sacral chakra, it helps you remain centered and lean on the infinite strength you have inside yourself. Wearing this Carnelian Bead Bracelet will give you a constant reminder of this.

Best For Acceptance – Amethyst

image 3 45

With a third eye and crown chakra origin, Amethyst is a potent healing crystal for spiritual and emotional balance. It helps to quiet an overthinking mind, release tension from a stressed-out body, and soothe an overwhelmed spirit.

Amethyst is also a fab crystal for helping you think more clearly and see things from the bigger picture.

Best For New Beginnings – Moonstone

image 3 46

Moonstone is the stone of new beginnings, so it is one of the best crystals when you reach the last stages of grief. This stone helps you see the light at the end of the tunnel and understand no matter how painful this loss was, life is still worth living.

Moonstone can take you from feeling “life must go on” to believing that the future is positive. It reminds you that there is something brighter on the other side of the darkness you’ve been experiencing.

Moonstone can also help you transition through all five stages, gently and compassionately guiding you through denial, anger, and depression. This is one of the best healing crystals to meditate with, as it prompts introspection and reflection.

Best For Finding Joy Again – Citrine

image 3 47

Along with moonstone, Citrine can help you find acceptance of your loss and the strength to move on to a brighter future. Usually, after the grieving process, we are left feeling exhausted, depleted, and on a very low vibration.

We typically have no desire to do anything and struggle to see purpose in our lives. Citrine can help us find that spark again; it can reconnect us to the passions and interests put on hold during the depth of the darkness.

The warm orange citrine stone is linked to the solar plexus chakra; thus, it evokes hope, joy, confidence, and stamina. It infuses us with the energy to get out of bed and have a productive day, so it is helpful to use when returning to work after bereavement leave.

Wear this raw citrine pendant necklace on your first few days back to work or regular life. If you notice feelings of depression seep in, take a minute to look at this sunny-colored crystal and remind yourself that there is still some joy to be found.

Best For Raising Your Vibration – Clear Quartz

image 3 48

Clear Quartz is the master healer of stones as it amplifies the energy and intention of all the other crystals for grief. So if you’re in a particularly dark spot, it’s well worth combining clear Quartz with another stone like rose Quartz to move out of the mud.

Clear Quartz is also a top choice for balancing big energy as it cleanses all the chakras, releasing blockages and stagnated energy from the entire subtle body. Working with the clear Quartz, on its own or with other healing crystals, will also bring you peace and tranquility, no matter how painful or frightening your loss is.

How To Use Crystals For Grief And Emotional Healing

There are many ways to use healing crystals for grief and loss. The energy of some stones makes them best for a specific purpose, such as meditation or massage. But in general, you can use any of the above healing stones in the following ways.

Place them in your home

The easiest way to enjoy the healing properties of crystals for grief is to put them somewhere in your home where you will see them often. For example, many people like to put them on their bedside table so the crystal’s energy works while they are sleeping.

Put them under your pillow

Another way to absorb a crystal’s soothing and positive energy is to place it under your pillow. This way, the stone is closer to your body. However, you’ll need to use a flat palm stone for this technique; otherwise, it might feel uncomfortable.

Wear them as jewelry

image 3 49

For crystal healing on the go, wear your favorite nurturing stone around your neck as a pendant or around your wrist as a bead bracelet. Some crystals are also incorporated into rings.

Meditate with them

Meditating with a crystal amplifies its power as you practice actively relaxing your body and calming your mind. You can hold the stone in your palm or in front of your heart center to absorb its healing power.

Use them in self-massage

image 3 50

Crystal palm stones are small and smooth, similar to hot massage ones. Thus, using them in massage will help you further release tension and stress in the body and mind.

Use them in reiki or chakra healing

Grief often causes energetic blockages in the chakra system. For example, when dealing with a loss, our heart chakra may become closed, or our root chakra may become imbalanced. Placing specific stones over your chakras can help to realign the energy centers.

If you don’t know much about chakras, book a reiki or energy healing session with a professional practitioner and ask them to use the best crystals for grief.

Final Thoughts On Crystals For Grief

The 15 gemstones in this article are all wonderful crystals for moving through grief and the million emotions it brings. While they may not make the pain vanish entirely, they can soothe intense feelings and help you find the strength, courage, and self-love you need to carry on.

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