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Do you often get big ideas and dream-up plans for new businesses, projects, and adventures? But then, when it comes to it, you lack the confidence and self-belief to make them happen.

If so, you certainly are not alone.

Self-confidence is something many of us seek more of. With high levels of confidence, we can move fearlessly toward our dreams. But when it is lacking, we feel stagnant and paralyzed with fear.

Many things can help you attract positive energy and increase self-esteem and confidence. But did you know crystals are one of those things?

Certain healing crystals carry energizing, confidence-boosting energy to push you into action and empower you to live your best life.

In this article, I’m sharing the top 15 crystals for confidence so you can fire up your solar plexus and activate the personal power within.

Top 15 Crystals For Confidence

Here are 15 fabulous healing crystals for boosting self-confidence and self-belief while banishing all negative thoughts and self-doubt.

  1. Tiger’s Eye – Best Crystal For Boosting Confidence
  2. Citrine – Best Crystal For Building Inner Strength
  3. Sunstone – Best Mood-Boosting Crystal
  4. Carnelian – Best Crystal For Increasing Motivation & Drive
  5. Red Jasper – Best Crystal For Building Courage
  6. Spirit Quartz – Best Crystal For Enhancing Positive Thoughts
  7. Orange Calcite – Best Crystal For Accessing Your Creative Potential
  8. Blue Lace Agate – Best Crystal For Speaking With Confidence
  9. Aquamarine – Best Crystal For Overcoming Self Sabotage
  10. Sodalite – Best Crystal For Tapping Into Your Intuition
  11. Turquoise – Best Crystal For Emotional Balance & Mental Clarity
  12. Black Tourmaline – Best Crystal For Protection From Negative Energy
  13. Rose Quartz – Best Crystal For Cultivating Self-Worth & Self-Love
  14. Clear Quartz – Best Crystal For Raising Your Vibration
  15. Amethyst – Best Crystal For Self-Empowerment

Tiger’s Eye – Best Crystal For Boosting Confidence

If you’re looking for the ultimate confidence crystal full of solar plexus chakra qualities, tiger’s eye is it. This stone boosts willpower, discipline, and self-confidence while banishing self-doubt. Thus, tiger’s eye is a must-have in your home if you suffer from low self-esteem.

Tiger’s eye is mighty as it balances the root chakra along with the solar plexus chakra. It is full of grounding energy to keep you centered while filling you with the confidence and positive energy you need to take action toward your dream life.

Tiger’s eye is a crystal you will want to use regularly. You can sleep next to it, hold it during your morning meditation, or wear it as jewelry like this bead bracelet.

Citrine – Best Crystal For Building Inner Strength

Citrine is another equally potent solar plexus crystal that enhances self-worth and confidence while shutting down all negative thoughts and self-talk.

If you work with citrine regularly, you’ll notice a significant shift in your energy. It guides you to think more positively about yourself and life rather than being pessimistic or having a victim mindset. Moreover, it facilitates personal growth and is a fab gemstone for working on overcoming limiting beliefs.

I like to meditate with this stone when I wake up in a bad mood. I also place it on my desk while working to help to keep my energy high and spirit positive.

Sunstone – Best Mood-Boosting Crystal

Sunstone is another of the best crystals for confidence and positivity. Like citrine, it carries warm, feel-good vibes and can brighten up even the darkest day.

Representing the planet sun and associated with the fire element, this crystal is a reminder that you are strong, powerful, and worthy of greatness. It will help you overcome low self-esteem by breaking through limiting beliefs and shifting paradigms. It is particularly good at taking you from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance and prosperity.

To maximize sunstone’s remarkable healing properties, I recommend placing it in a part of the home where you want to enhance energy and creativity, such as your work desk. In addition, you can wear this sunstone pendant around your neck during your work day or while working on a personal project, as having the crystal close to your body will keep you connected to your personal power.

Carnelian – Best Crystal For Increasing Motivation & Drive

Carnelian is another of the best crystals for confidence, used to overcome procrastination and find the motivation you need to get things down.

Whenever we start something new that we have never done, our minds create immense fear as we do not know what to expect. This fear can make us freeze, stall, and procrastinate, keeping us from achieving the greatness we deserve. So, by working with this crystal, you’ll be able to diminish those fears when they arise.

Because of its fear-busting qualities, carnelian is also an excellent stone to use when you feel nervous, such as at a job interview, public speaking event, or important meeting. Wearing a carnelian bracelet will help to control the nerves and find self-confidence during these scary moments.

Red Jasper – Best Crystal For Building Courage

Red Jasper is another fab crystal to reach for when you need a dose of courage to move past fears or get through a nerve-racking situation.

Red Jasper is associated with the root chakra, so it is calming, grounding, and stabilizing, precisely the energy you need when pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It also helps to protect you from the negative energy of others, so if people criticize you or try to bring you down, red jasper will have your back.

Keep a red jasper palm stone in your pocket whenever you start a new venture, such as building a business. Or, place this gorgeous carved red jasper elephant figurine on your desk for a continuous self-confidence boost.

Spirit Quartz – Best Crystal For Enhancing Positive Thoughts

Although this crystal is pretty rare, if you can get your hands on the magical spirit quartz, do it! This lilac-colored stone has a prickly cactus-like appearance and can only be sourced from one country – South Africa.

Spirit Quartz is an excellent negativity destroyer, capable of removing all negative energy from your aura and environment. Therefore, it is one of the best crystals for enhancing positivity, a key ingredient for self-confidence.

Because of its vibration-raising power, spirit quartz is an excellent crystal to use if you’re trying to break bad habits or self-sabotaging behavioral traits.

Orange Calcite – Best Crystal For Accessing Your Creative Potential

The orange calcite crystal is known as the creativity crystal for its ability to help you reach your creative potential and overcome blocks. Low self-confidence is among the top reasons our creativity gets stifled. Thus, this sacral chakra crystal will help you overcome any confidence issues holding you back.

Orange calcite contains a very cleansing and calming energy, which is also suitable for emotional healing and dispersing anxiety. Plus, as it is linked to the sacral chakra, it can also help to balance and control your sexual energy.

Blue Lace Agate – Best Crystal For Speaking With Confidence

Blue lace agate is one of the best confidence-boosting crystals for anyone who has to do a lot of public speaking. It is also highly beneficial for leaders and managers looking to give off a strong sense of self-assurance. This is because blue lace agate links to the throat chakra, our center of communication and self-expression.

If you feel immense fear whenever it is your turn to speak in a meeting, or struggle to say the right words, wear a blue lace agate necklace. As the crystal sits close to the throat chakra, it will keep self-doubt away and give you confidence when it is your time to speak up.

Aquamarine – Best Crystal For Overcoming Self Sabotage

Aquamarine is another fab throat chakra crystal known for its ability to enhance courage and self-esteem. Sometimes when things scare us, like speaking up, we avoid doing them altogether. However, this avoidance behavior keeps us from claiming what we deserve.

Aquamarine’s calm, collected, and tranquil energy will help you ‘feel the fear and do it anyway.’ Plus, with long-term use, it increases self-belief, so situations like speaking up will gradually feel less and less scary.

Like blue lace agate, you can wear aquamarine around your neck or in a soothing bracelet for a visual reminder to pause, breathe, and connect within whenever the fear arises.

Sodalite – Best Crystal For Tapping Into Your Intuition

The mesmerizing blue and white patterned stone sodalite is associated with the third eye chakra and is known to help with enhancing intuition. Why is this important for self-confidence? Because the more connected we feel to our inner voice, the more inner confidence we experience.

Think about it. If you struggle to make decisions and can never decipher the right thing to do, you’ll turn to others for their opinions. As you rely on the advice of others, you’ll lose more and more confidence in yourself.

Sodalite empowers and reminds us that we have the answers within ourselves. It helps us build more inner trust, which connects us to our personal power and inner wisdom. With a solid connection to our intuition, we have steadfast faith in ourselves and our abilities.

Turquoise – Best Crystal For Emotional Balance & Mental Clarity

The blissful blue rock turquoise is one of the most calming and centering crystals for confidence. You may assume you only need upbeat, fiery energy to feel confident, but this is not necessarily true.

Low self-esteem is often accompanied by anxious thoughts, which can cloud and overwhelm our minds. This is where turquoise comes in, as this gemstone helps to bring balance to our emotions and clear the cobwebs from our minds so we can think and see clearly.

With negative feelings subsiding and our minds more spacious, we can see things from a new perspective and realize that, actually, we are capable and worthy.

If, for you, anxiety and low self-confidence go hand in hand, wear this beautiful bead bracelet on your left wrist (the yin side) to tap into the stone’s calming, soothing vibes.

Black Tourmaline – Best Crystal For Protection From Negative Energy

Everyone is born with innate self-confidence, but as we grow up, we absorb more and more negative energies from the environment and people around us. In addition, we take on the fears and limiting beliefs of those around us, which harms our self-confidence.

Even after we do the work to release those limiting beliefs, we continue to be exposed to other negative energy. This is why black tourmaline is necessary for those who want to protect their energy field and maintain positive energy at all times.

Black tourmaline has protective and grounding healing properties, shielding you from anything toxic that could dampen your self-esteem. Plus, linked to the root chakra, black tourmaline will keep you centered, stable, and courageous so that you are constantly moving forwards.

Rose Quartz – Best Crystal For Cultivating Self-Worth & Self-Love

Confidence starts from within, so if you’re struggling to believe in yourself, look at your relationship with yourself. If you look in the mirror and don’t like the person you see looking back at you, work with the rose quartz crystal during meditation and energy healing practices.

Rose quartz is the ultimate crystal of self-love, helping you cultivate a healthier relationship with yourself. As we start to develop unconditional love and acceptance of ourselves, our self-worth and, thus, self-confidence also increase.

Along with using rose quartz in spiritual practice, you may want to wear a rose quartz pendant so that the crystal is close to the heart chakra, working to unblock the energy there throughout the day.

Clear Quartz – Best Crystal For Raising Your Vibration

Whenever we feel pessimistic, our self-esteem and confidence take a hit. Clear quartz is one of the best crystals for confidence, as it gets you out of a funk and raises your vibration to a frequency where you can make your dreams a reality.

Clear quartz is linked to the higher chakras (third eye and crown chakra), enabling you to discover and connect to your highest self. This version of you is the most confident and empowered version, so if you’re seeking to reach your potential, use clear quartz in your meditation and spiritual practices.

For an additional confidence boost, use clear quartz with another of the best crystals for confidence, such as tiger’s eye or orange calcite. This is because clear quartz can heighten the healing properties of other crystals.

Amethyst – Best Crystal For Self-Empowerment

Finally, like clear quartz, amethyst is one of the most powerful crystals due to its ability to enhance the qualities of other gemstones. It is full of positive energies to help you build confidence and self-esteem while cultivating steadfast mental focus to keep your eye on the prize.

Moreover, as amethyst is of crown chakra origin, this is an excellent stone for restoring spiritual balance and raising your vibration to maintain positive thinking.

Amethyst is also one of the most beautiful crystals for confidence as it comes in a rich purple cluster, perfect for keeping on your bedside table. Amethyst Feng Shui decor like a money tree is also trendy, and having one of these in your home will bring your more confidence, positivity, and prosperity.

Final Thoughts On Crystals For Confidence

As you can see, there are many incredible healing crystals for confidence and self-esteem. If you are new to crystal healing, I recommend starting with tiger’s eye and citrine, as they are powerful stones for the solar plexus chakra, which is the home of our personal power.

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