The Magnificent Healing Properties Of Blue Quartz + How To Use This Calming Stone

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Blue Quartz

Note from the Nomad: I’m a yogi, not a doctor! Any information provided here about the healing properties of crystals is based on historical or traditional beliefs and is not intended as medical advice; always consult a healthcare professional for medical concerns.

NicknameThe Serenity Stone
AppearanceRockcloud Healing Crystal Natural Titanium Coated Blue Rock Quartz Cluster Geode Druzy Home...
Benefits and healing properties1. Stress Relief - Calms mind, reduces anxiety
2. Communication Aid - Enhances self-expression, improves dialogue
3. Spiritual Growth - Connects to higher self, enhances intuition
Protects against1. Stress - Calms mind, reduces anxiety
2. Communication Issues - Assists clear communication
3. Negative Energy - Clears negativity, provides energetic protection
Associated chakraThroat Chakra, Enhances communication and self-expression.
Third Eye Chakra, Increases intuition and spiritual awareness.
Associated birth month and zodiac signFebruary (Aquarius)
Physical characteristicsColor: Shades of blue, from milky to bright translucent blue
Structure: Hexagonal crystal system
Mineral Class: Quartz
Hardness (Mohs Scale): 7
Region(s) commonly found inNorth America, South America, Europe, South Asia, Africa, Australia
Alternate spellings & misspellingsblue quarts, blu quartz, bluequartz, bleu quartz, blu quarts
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Is there something in your life you feel is time to change? Perhaps your job feels like a dead end or is overly stressful, and you’re done with it. Whatever it is, you know that something has changed, and you no longer feel the same. But you need to figure out what’s next.

When we have this uncomfortable feeling, it’s the universe nudging us, saying it’s time to grow. How do you clarify what’s causing the discomfort? How do you find what aligns with who you are today?

When you declare you’re ready for something new, the universe provides signs to guide you. You may even be drawn to metaphysical healing tools that will help raise your vibration and prepare you for change.

I was at a similar point when I found crystal healing. One crystal in particular, blue quartz, became a stone I prized as I noticed how each time I had it on, I felt calmer and less anxious as I figured out my next steps.

Read on to learn about the beautiful blue quartz crystals and jewelry and how they can aid your journey from confusion to clarity and, ultimately, a greater connection to your higher self.

What Is The Blue Quartz Meaning & Where Does It Come From?

Blue Quartz is a crystal that mimics the color of the sky; sounds magical, right? But the reason behind its stunning colors is quite scientific.

Blue quartz crystals come in various shades, such as milky blue or bright translucent blue. As the stone forms, inclusions from its surroundings may spread throughout the crystal.

Scientists have yet to prove how blue quartz gets its coloring. A theory is that tiny blue inclusions cause a light scattering effect, and the stone appears blue. The same effect makes our sky blue.

Blue quartz has been found on almost all of Earth’s continents. Deposits have been discovered in North and South America, on the European continent, in South Asia, Africa, and Australia.

It is relatively rare to find natural blue quartz since many on the market are dyed blue. If you are testing your quartz to see if it’s genuine, scratch the crystal on a glass bottle. Since blue quartz is harder than glass, it should easily scratch the bottle.

Blue Quartz Benefits & Healing Properties

image 168

Blue quartz has many powerful healing properties. Each form of this stone can transmute negativity into a higher energy state. It’s an excellent starter stone since it’s in the versatile quartz family yet it can also be used in very specific energetic work such as uncovering forgotten memories.

Emotional Healing Properties Of Blue Quartz

  • Calms the mind to reduce stress and anxiety
  • Helps you connect more to the present moment
  • Balances emotions
  • Assists communication with others
  • Boosts mental clarity and concentration
  • Encourages self-expression and self-acceptance

Metaphysical Properties Of Blue Quartz

  • Aligns and balances the throat chakra
  • Connects to the third eye to enhance spiritual communication
  • Aligns with the zodiac sign Aquarius
  • Enhances intuition and conscious awareness
  • It provides energetic protection and clears negative energy
  • Enhances spiritual and personal growth
  • Promotes a greater connection to your higher self and your spirit guides

What Is Blue Quartz Good For?

Our physical world is always connected to the spiritual realm. Blue quartz helps raise your vibration, so you are more aware of the link.

Like a calm ocean, this powerful crystal will calm your emotions through your throat and third eye chakra to help you find balance within. It guides you to a deep understanding of yourself so you can accept who you are and what you genuinely want to do.

Blue quartz leads you to authenticity, so you are no longer afraid to express yourself and reach out to others.

With a natural blue quartz stone nearby, you will recognize communications from the universe and attract higher spiritual energy to accelerate your spiritual path.

Best Blue Quartz Crystals

Blue quartz comes in many forms. Whether it’s a tumbled stone or a healing wand, read on to learn how to use each one to enhance your well-being.

Blue Quartz Tumbled Stones

image 169

Tumbled star blue quartz stones are natural stones polished and smoothed inside a rock tumbler. Rough stones are mixed with grit and water and are agitated. The sharp edges are worn down until the stones shine and beautiful patterns are revealed.

These shiny blue quartz crystals are hypnotizing to look at and are also beneficial. They are easy to hold or place next to you during meditation and chakra balancing, making them the perfect addition to your crystal collection.

You can select a few of your favorite blue quartz stones to carry in a mojo bag or pocket to draw in positive energy, self-love, or other intentions.

When you place blue quartz tumbled crystals around your home, they give off a protective aura. You can place them individually or as part of a crystal grid to amplify their energy.

Blue Quartz Cluster

image 159

Crystal clusters develop from a single foundation where multiple crystal points emerge. Blue quartz crystal clusters form in open space when an electron charge imbalance draws in molecules. Natural materials come together in one direction and form crystals in a prismatic shape.

Blue aura quartz clusters like these from Rock Cloud have an incredibly high vibration. Due to their shape, it’s easiest to use crystal clusters in your home. Program your blue aura quartz with a positive mantra to emanate this energy throughout your space. It will also absorb and clear negativity from the room. You’ll reach higher vibrations in an area with blue quartz.

Hold blue quartz clusters in your meditation while sitting or lying down. Place the crystal in front of your feet if you are sitting. It will bring a sense of deep inner peace and healing.

When lying down, place a cluster on the floor above your head. It will bring on spiritual awakening and enhance psychic visions.

Blue Quartz Crystal Sphere

image 165

A crystal sphere radiates energy at a higher frequency than many other forms of crystals. The symmetrical shape evenly delivers energy in all directions. Crystal balls have long been associated with psychic visions, but here you’ll learn a few convenient ways to use them.

To boost the energy of your workspace, decorate your desk with a gorgeous blue quartz crystal sphere. Blue quartz will enhance your ability to communicate with others and express yourself. The sphere’s positive emanations will help you maintain a cool and calm approach to your tasks.

If a part of your body is tight or sore, you may have blocked energy there. Try rolling a blue quartz sphere on these parts. It will provide relief, ease the healing process, and free the stuck energy.

For more profound meditations, hold a blue quartz sphere in each hand. Blue quartz increases the intensity of psychic visions, which will help you gain a clearer picture of what lies ahead.

Blue Quartz Healing Wand

image 169 1

Healing wands are made from a variety of crystals. Different shapes are beneficial for metaphysical healing or reflexology.

A blue quartz healing wand is an easy way for beginners to get started with energy work. When healing someone, have them lie down and begin with your rod above the root chakra area. Move the wand clockwise to balance this energy center.

When you intuitively feel this chakra is balanced, move up to the next of the lower chakras, then repeat these steps until you have cleansed all seven chakras.

Use a blue quartz wand to activate your gemstones on a crystal grid. Hold the rod over each crystal and set the intention for it to activate. You can also repeat the overall intention for your grid at each stone to program and amplify their energy.

Best Blue Quartz Jewelry

The beautiful colors of blue quartz crystals easily attract attention. The creative metal details in these pieces, mixed with the benefits of blue quartz, make for an ethereal jewelry collection.

Blue Quartz Necklace

image 169 2

Blue quartz crystals are often found near copper deposits across the planet. The combination of blue quartz and copper wire wrapping in this necklace calls upon the healing wisdom of the Earth.

When you wear blue quartz on a necklace during any healing process, it helps improve the results. It will ensure each stage goes smoothly.

Blue quartz and the Tree of Life carry gentle energy that inspires growth and balance in the mind, body, and spirit. It is a calming stone that will help align the subtle bodies where we experience pleasure and pain.

Blue Quartz Bracelet

image 169 3

When you gaze into the blue quartz beads on this bracelet, it will remind you of the deep calming energy of the ocean. This bracelet has no metal, so it will not irritate if you have sensitivity to certain metals.

When you wear blue quartz, if you notice subconscious feelings surface, know that it’s a sign you’re ready to heal unresolved issues and fears. These realizations will help you understand yourself and let go of the karmic loops holding you back.

Wearing this beautiful gemstone taps into the throat chakra and supports self-expression. The blue crystals will assist you as you find a path that feels authentic. It also helps you speak up for yourself if that has been a challenge.

Blue Quartz Earrings

image 169 4

If you are searching for blue quartz jewelry that is natural, stylish, and metaphysical all at once these Blue Quartz and Hematite Drop Earrings fit the bill. Hematite is known for its grounding energy and ability to remove negative energy, so it can rapidly raise your vibration when paired with blue quartz.

So, slipping these sterling silver blue quartz earrings will amplify self-knowledge while enhancing psychic abilities. You will be more open to receiving messages and downloads from higher-dimensional beings. Psychic visions may be more intense and detailed, which guide you to live true to yourself.

Wearing blue quartz earrings during meditation or energetic healing will also help you feel grounded. When past-life memories arise, the gem enables you to remain centered. It will aid you in cutting energetic cords and ending cycles that do not serve you in the present.

What Other Crystals Work Well With Blue Quartz?

To amplify the effects of blue quartz, you can combine it with other members of the quartz family. The crystals’ energies pool together and boost the benefits of each stone. Here are a few to try.

Clear Quartz

image 169 5

Clear quartz, not to be confused with blue smoke quartz that looks similar, is known as the most powerful energy amplifier on Earth. It is a crystal that contains every possible color. Its versatility allows you to use it to clear all seven chakras.

When you use them together, clear quartz can amplify the calming energy of blue quartz. The effect is a harmonizing balance of emotions and energy levels.

When used for energy healing, clear quartz resets each chakra to a perfect frequency before any disease sets in. During meditation, quartz crystals reduce distraction, so it is easier to tune into your higher spiritual purpose.

Blue quartz enhances intuition and psychic abilities. Together they create a strong connection with your inner wisdom and higher guidance.

Use this clear quartz palm stone in your home, meditate, or carry it in your purse. It is fantastic at absorbing, storing, releasing, and regulating energy.

Rose Quartz

image 164

The rose quartz crystal is the epitome of emotional healing gems, known as the crystal for emotional balance. It assists you when you need to release repressed feelings or heartbreak. As you release burdensome energy, rose quartz brings self-forgiveness and, ultimately, self-trust.

When you pair this wonderful stone with blue quartz, they promote transparent and heartfelt communication. Hold both stones to intensify positive affirmations. Such as, “I am open to giving and receiving love.”

Hold this lovely pink palm stone in meditation, or wear a rose quartz necklace to instill self-love into your heart chakra. It is a great lesson to love yourself first, so you can then accept love from others.

Angel Aura Quartz

image 169 6

Angel aura quartz is an iridescent, mesmerizing crystal, representing its angelic name. This aura quartz cluster is coated and undergoes intense heating to produce its reflective rainbow of colors. Symbolic of peace, love, and a divine connection, angel aura quartz ignites a sense of bliss.

Blue quartz is tied to your throat chakra and improves communication skills. At the same time, aura quartz aligns with angelic communication and the higher realms.

When these two crystals engage, they increase communication on earthly and spiritual levels. This combination will improve your self-expression and reception of divine messages.

If you suffer from negative thoughts, the uplifting stone of aura quartz will build you up to feel ongoing peace, while blue quartz will enhance that tranquility. They not only assist your mental state but your spiritual self as well. When you use angel aura quartz and blue quartz, it reminds you of the presence of the divine and strengthens your intuition.

Final Thoughts On The Blue Quartz Crystal

One last tip: you’ll notice the most benefits from blue quartz if you use it for extended periods. Wearing a bracelet for a few days won’t suddenly transform your life, but consistency is vital.

Scientists are studying the mysteries of Blue quartz, but this aligns with the great mystery of life. We grow and change just like a crystal developing in nature.

Work intentionally with blue quartz, incorporating it into your metaphysical practices for several months, and its gifts will open you to creating a peaceful, happy, and purpose-driven life.

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