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  1. Summit Brewing Company
    Summit Brewing Company at |

    Thanks, Brandon. I think we have a few of these beers in our fridge right now actually. Cheers!

  2. Frey
    Frey at |

    Definately a good list! The only one I would disagree with is Sweet Child of Vine. It seems to suffer from consistency issues. Sometimes it’s great, but I’ve had it on several occasions (both bottle & tap) where it was not up to par.

    I would bump your honourable mention Day Tripper up to the “5” and might add Lift Bridge Hop Dish IPA. ( though that one probably goes against your not picking the hoppiest)


  3. FultonBeer
    FultonBeer at |

    Great list, Brandon! And thanks for the nod. We’re big fans of your selected brews as well. Boy oh boy, having to taste all those varieties to pick your favorites… it’s a tough job, but somebody has to do it, right?

  4. FultonBeer
    FultonBeer at |

    Great list, Brandon! And thanks for the nod. We agree– you picked some great brews, which is tough when there are so many awesome local breweries. Tough job, but somebody needed to do it, right?

  5. beergoogler
    beergoogler at |

    Nice list, and I generally agree with the commentary even if I don’t agree with your dislike of the hopbomb (though, as you said, balanced is usually better).

    One comment: Steel Toe Size 7 can also be found at the Steel Toe Taproom in St. Louis Park — on tap or by the growler (growler, please!).

  6. Bill
    Bill at |

    Had a local beer in MSP last month from Edina liquor 2ladies in store said they like it better than Blue Moon ( we like). don’t remember the name of it. Think it starts with an O.
    Help please


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