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  1. Shaun Hoobler
    Shaun Hoobler at |

    That’s a great project. Elephants need some love and care too.
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  2. Oliver
    Oliver at |

    Oh wow, this looks and sounds amazing indeed! I adore elephants and had some heart-warming experiences in Sri Lanka as well. A pity I wasn’t aware of this project back then. I’m sure it has been a truly remarkable and memorable experience for you as well and really great to see how you spread the word about responsible tourism as well…
    Happy and inspiring travels!!
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  3. Mary Ellen
    Mary Ellen at |

    Yes, elephants do grieve. I can imagine how these calves grieved at the loss of their mothers and families, and how their mothers grieved for them. There is no mention of how these two young elephants were obtained for this project, so I wonder if they were separated from their families (at a much too young an age) simply for this “project”. If the owner/operators were more forthcoming with the calves’ background, I would think more highly of the operation.

  4. tim
    tim at |

    Hi, I just now read the question about where the elephants are coming from. We rent them from 2 owners to give them a better life, as far as I know they have been in captivity for quite some years before we started renting them about 1 year ago.

  5. Garima
    Garima at |

    Hey, what is the entry fee if I want to visit and see the elephants?

    1. Brandon
      Brandon at |

      I would contact them directly to inquire about pricing. I’m sure there prices have changed since 2014 🙂


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