5 tips to stay healthy while traveling

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Staying healthy is hard enough while at home, so while you’re traveling it takes additional effort and awareness to keep healthy habits alive! Below are some useful tips to keep active and eat healthy while on the go.  Use these as you’re on the road for work for a few days, or experiencing long term international travel.

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1) Drink warm lemon water daily

lemon water keeps travelers healthy
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You can find lemons anywhere in the world and they are always cheap and full of greatness! Warm up some water and squeeze ½ of a lemon into your cup. (Use a bit of sweetener or some tea for additional flavor). Whether cold or warm, this sweet treat will stimulate your digestive tract to keep things moving.  Drinking lemon water loosens toxins in your gut, flushing out all that unwanted crap which is key while you’re on the go!  High in pectin fiber, lemons will help curb hunger cravings too!  Struggling to keep your skin free of acne while you’re away from home? Try lemon juice on your acne.  It’s acidic qualities will help kill bacteria and clean your pores.  A plethora of uses packed into these little yellow balls of fruit.  Keep one in your bag so you’re always prepared.

2) Take a probiotic

probiotics, such as synergy kombucha, keep your stomach healthy while traveling
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If your gut isn’t happy – either are you! Probiotics help to support healthy digestion and immunity by lining your intestinal tract with a protective layer of good bacteria. This helps you to digest and break down food easier. They are found in many forms but an easy way to ingest them while traveling is through foods such as greek yogurt (try Kefir; a cross between yogurt and milk), kombucha, sauerkraut, pickles, and kimchi. Otherwise, your local vitamin shop sells them in a pill form (just make sure to find the ones that don’t need to be refrigerated so you can keep them in your luggage!). My favorite way to get probiotics is in kombucha – my preferred brand and flavor: Synergy Kombucha – Rasberry Chia. Yum!

3) Buy food at a grocery store or market

buy food from the market to stay healthy while traveling
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And pack snacks when you can!  Buying and preparing your own food (lots of fruits and veggies!) can help keep you on the healthy track. If you’re staying at a hostel, join up with other travelers and cook together!  It also helps you save money on eating out. Apples, bananas and oranges pack up nice for a quick and healthy treat!

4) Drink (more) WATER!

drink water to stay healthy while traveling, many benefits
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We all know that drinking water is essential to your everyday health.  Since our bodies are made up of approximately 60% water, it’s crucial that we replenish it with enough liquids to sustain proper health.  Water also helps your bowels functioning normally – which can be compromised while traveling and ingesting new foods.  It will help flush out bacteria and waste so keep drinking!  And drink more than you think you need to stay on top of hydration.  If it’s hard for you to chug plain water, try adding fruit to your water (lemon!) or simply eating fruits and vegetables as another way of staying hydrated.  Water can be the answer to a lot of unwanted side effects of dehydration including headaches, constipation and fatigue. Chug a lug!

5) Exercise!

practice yoga to stay healthy while traveling
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It’s almost a given that you should exercise while traveling, but it can easily be forgotten amidst your busy travel agenda.  The good news is – you can find many ways to get your body moving – and a lot of times it’s for free! Walking is a great form of exercise and chances are you’ll be without a car.  If walking isn’t enough for you, get up early and go for a quick run. It’s a great way to explore the city you’re in!

Can’t live a day without lifting weights? Use your luggage as weights, and fill up some water bottles to use as well.  Try stationary lunges or bicep curls. And as always: yoga! Find a small space to practice a few postures or sun salutations. It’s sure to awaken your body and your mind!

Yoga or weight training can be tricky on the road. You might find yourself doing yoga on the floor without mat or using make-shift weights like big jugs of water. If you’re prone to injury, consider bringing wrist support so you can keep up your yoga practice on the road!

Honorable mention…


Sleep is the foundation of all of the healthy habits we keep. If you’re not well rested, it will make menial tasks seem difficult!  While on the road, sleep can be difficult. Bring a pair of ear plugs, take some melatonin and/or meditate before you rest.

What are your tips for staying healthy and active on the road?

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  1. I have been taking probiotic pills for a year now after my last trip to Costa Rica. I noticed a big difference after I started taking them, especially when I was in Mexico. Especially where yogurt was not readily available. Do you have any suggestions to substitute lemon with? I am not a fan of lemon.

    • That’s great to hear, Mark! Do you have a favorite brand of probiotics? I brought some with that I found at the co-op that didn’t need to be refridgerated. Missing kombucha, that’s for sure! Lime is another substitute for lemon… but if you don’t like lemon not sure how you’ll feel about lime. If you’re somewhere that they carry sweet lime (more like orange flavored) that could work too!


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