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The Traveler. The Yogi. The traveling Yogi. 

It's hard to navigate the myriad of products and services that help you travel and teach/practice yoga. It takes time you probably don't have. We've spent tons of time and energy to create this list so you don't have to. 

These twelve items are the cream of the crop. We use them nearly every day and recommend them fully. If you want to see every little thing that's in our bag, check out Anne's packing list


Gear for yoga on the Road

Travel Yoga Mat: Manduka eKO superlite

Hands down the best travel mat on the market. Sticky, packable, well priced, and durable. We’ve been traveling with this mat for 2 years straight. Can be rolled up or folded. Eco friendly materials. Lots of colors to chose from.

AlternativesCheck out our top 5 yoga mats for travel with comparison chart.

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Travel Yoga Towel: Manduka Travel Towel

A perfect towel for both hot yoga classes and an every day quick dry towel for showers. Rolls up very small, dries quickly, and is the exact size of a standard yoga mat (72 inches)


Manduka's eQua yoga hand towel - Same material, just smaller
Youphoria's yoga towel - very popular, but I prefer Manduka. 

Read reviews on Amazon ($30)
Carry-on Backpack: Osprey Farpoint 40L

The perfect backpack for travelers and digital nomads. Carry on sized, well designed, ultra durable, and well priced. Has a laptop pouch, hip pads, and sturdy zippers. Anne's been using this pack since 2013 and she loves it! A very popular backpack in the travel blogger community.

AlternativesOur top 5 carry-on backpacks

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Best underware for travel: Exofficio 

These will change your life. Do yourself a favor and throw away every last pair of cotton underware you own. They never smell, fit great, and are very comfortable. I own 5 pairs as usually travel with 3-5 pairs depending on the length of the trip. 

Perfect for minimalist packers as they're easy to wash in the sink and dry fast. 

For woman: Anne loves ExOfficio Give-n-Go Lacy Thongs ($19)

Read reviews on Amazon ($17)

Electronics for travel

Macbook Air 13"

A brilliant machine that works great for traveling. Low profile and very light. Solid state drive means it's super fast. I recommend the 128GB hardrive (64GB is too small, and don't need 256GB since everyone carries an External HD anyways).

More computing power? Check out the Macbook Pro Retina
Smaller and cheaper model: Macbook Air 11" (Anne uses this one)

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Gopro Hero 4

Take footage wherever you go! Surfing, skydiving, snorkeling, etc. Can take still images, burst images, and 4k video! Normal bundle come with a waterproof/shockproof case and some mount hardware.

Another option is the stripped down GoPro 4 Silver for $339

Read reviews on Amazon ($469)
Digital camera: Olympus OM-D E-M10

I’ve owned (and loved) this camera for 2+ years. This is Olympus’s flagship Micro 4/3s (mirrorless) model. Great camera for beginners, intermediate, and even professional are starting to carry it around.

Full features of an SLR but in a compact body ideal for traveling. A new model (EM5) just came out which cut the price of this camera in half. I bought this camera for over $1,000 and still think it was a good deal.

Couldn’t recommend this enough product enough. I think the 14-42 lens is a good starter lens but Amazon lets you choose different lens or just the camera body itself. Most pictures on this blog are shot with my own Olympus OM-D E-M10.

Ideal for: the aspiring photographer, traveler, and anyone who doesn’t want to carry around a giant backpack of camera equipment.

Portrait lens: Olympus M. Zuiko 45mm f1.8 ($299)

Read reviews on Amazon ($399)
External HD: Western Digital My Passport (2T)

Perfect External HD for traveling. It's compact, very sturdy, and holds a massive 2 Terabytes. You can use it to store files from both Mac and PC. I've traveled with this guy for 2 years straight. 

Read reviews on Amazon ($82)

Our favorite travel services

Accommodation booking: Airbnb

Our favorite way to experience a new city is with airbnb! We've found great deals all over the world. It can be cheaper than a hotel and you get a more enjoyable experience.

Get a free $35 credit on Airbnb!
Hotel booking website: Agoda.com

Agoda is our go to for last minute hotel/hostel bookings. They usually offer 60% off deals on same day bookings. I also prefer Agodas user interface and search features.

Book accommodation through Agoda.com
Travel insurance: World Nomads

I feel that travel insurance is a must buy for anyone taking a serious trip. You pay a flat monthly fee and then if you get injured or your stuff is stolen on the road then World Nomads will reimburse you. I had hand surgury in Vietnam and Anne got hit by a motorbike in Bali. Both of these accidents required multiple hospital visits and a hefty bill. Thanksfully Word Nomads reimbursed us for everything (over $3,700). 

You can buy between a week and a year's worth of insurance online and it's active immediently. World Nomads is the only travel insurance where you can purchase and revew your insurance abroad. 

Get a quote from World Nomads travel insurance
Main retailer: Amazon Prime

We love Amazon prime. They have great prices, almost every item imaginable and you can't beat free 2-day shipping with an Amazon Prime membership!

It's also important for us to buy quality items and Amazon's review are very helpful to make sure that happens!

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